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    I've seen it mentioned several times,

    and I know at one time it was the rule, but are we certain that the death penalty can only be handed out after a 2nd violation? The reason I ask is that in the new enforcement model, it states the following:

    Furthermore, in addition to the penalties set forth in newly adopted Bylaw 19.9.5, newly adopted Bylaw 19.9.7 grants a COI panel the authority to prescribe further sanctions in cases involving Level 1 and Level 2 violations, including disassociation of boosters, vacation of individual and institutional records, restrictions on NCAA membership and voting privileges, television appearance bans, and the so-called "death penalty."

    This paragraph can be found at the bottom of page 4 from the following.

    I may have missed it as I read over it quickly, but I didn't see anything referring to a repeat offender.

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    They are eligible for it right now. With the Tunsil stuff that is a 2nd major violation that occured within 5 years of the original penalty, after an investigation was ANNOUNCED. It says nothing about probation. Idk where you people got that from.

    But with that being said the likelihood of them getting the Death Penalty is VERY Slim. And I don't expect it. But I still expect major penalties.

    And yeah if they did get the DP then the SEC might consider voting them out which takes 2/3 of a conference vote. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    Lots of schools have been eligible for the DP in the past and the NCAA didn't act on it though. If the NCAA is really wanting to make Ole Miss an example then yeah I guess that could happen. But that rumor is as truthful as the NCAA never giving the DP again.

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    I'm fine with them getting the "life without parole" penalty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dickiedawg View Post
    I'm fine with them getting the "life without parole" penalty.
    Yeah, th death penalty just isn't going to happen. As someone else said, the thought of massive scholarship losses and Vandy 45 UM 3 is much more fun anyway.

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    It's interesting to note that they barely dodged the death penalty in 1994.

    That situation was much worse than most people knew and the NCAA stated had Ole Miss not fired Brewer and cleaned house that hammer might have fallen. Maroon Eagle posted
    links to the 1986 and 1994 NCAA penalty letters, interesting reads. There is certainly a pattern of bad booster behavior that needs to be broken and I hope the NCAA does it.
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    Let's just quit talking about the death penalty. They're not getting the death penalty. But they might wish they had.

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