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    Speaking of Allyn McKeen...

    Who knows anything about the booster back in the 40's that got him fired? I think his name was Bob Sanders. Are his descendants still State supporters? Anybody know? It is just so hard to believe that he was let go after so much success.

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    Our problem has deeper roots that I thought.

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    inquiring minds would like to know

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    And what is our problem?


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    I had always heard that..

    He enjoyed openly chasing the splittail a little more than what was acceptable by the standards of east central Mississippi in the 1940's. I always heard Babe McCarthy had the same problem.

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    My grandfather told me

    that a lot of it was over the offense he ran. I can't remember if he ran the single wing, the double wing, or whatever, but apparently our fans or a large group of them wanted him to change to something more modern at that time (wing-T?) and basically ran him off and the indians became angry and forced us to suck while Ole Miss had Vaught until we broke the curse by hiring Bob Tyler. He didn't say anything about any particular booster. He made it sound like it was the President of the University and some of the deans that were behind it- and they may have been influenced by a booster, I don't know.

    Anyways, whomever replaced McKeen- I think Slick Morton changed the offense and it was an epic fail.

    My grandfather would know since he took a train to watch us play in the Orange Bowl and was in Oxford when we won the SEC Championship.

    I did ask him why it took so long for MSU to be good in football after that and he said it was because in the 50's and 60's the engineering people and the ag people at MSU couldn't agree on a particular coach and one side would support one coach and then when that coach didn't win, the other group would support the new coach, but the other wouldn't.

    Basically, we were an unmitigated cluster17.

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