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    Buy/sell: Most Croom games were better coached than this.


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    End of game bump.

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    Sell on your buy/sell. Buy this is one of the worst buy/sells ever.

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    We played today? I guess is missed it. I saw some bullshit happening in Starkville but it certainly wasn't a football game.

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    ..Croom would at least pitch a fit if you played like a girl. Mullen? I have no idea. I stopped paying attention 2 minutes into the Bama game.

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    Sell, but his DC would have had a damn good defense on the field.

  7. #7 must have a short memory. Croom was worse than even today.


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    Sell, this team would beat Croomball handily.

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    The scheme was horrible on both sides of the ball. The players lacked intensity. Mullen is a better coach than Croom, but today is not a good day. Really disagreed going for the fourth down in the second quarter. That field goal might have made a difference. Just a horrible performance for the second week in a row. Something we're doing is not working.
    Croom actually coached some good games. Best to let the past stay buried and move on.
    So Sell on principle.

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    Buy. I don't recall a defense under Croom ever giving up 750 yards, or whatever the 17 it was today.

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