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  1. Well, Hello Boys & Girls ,Itâ
  2. Game Week, and I've Got a Conumdrum
  3. I Shall Now Opine On A Hot Topic Amongest The Bulldog Nation
  4. Houston, Now Even I Have A Problem
  5. I'm As Giddy As A Faggot In A Submarine
  6. Me And The General
  7. Mule Bowl
  8. Back At The Lonesome
  9. Hangover Monday
  10. Jawga On My Mind
  11. Fear And Loathing In Stark-Vegas
  12. Butter Faces, Pubs, & Spotted Dick
  13. Cougar Hunting
  14. Weather Girls
  15. The Good Pirate Leach
  16. Gator Hunting
  17. In Honor Of Our Hosts
  18. Don't Shoot The Messenger
  19. Kicking Myself In The Ass
  20. Slackers That Love Sports...... Take Note
  21. In Honor Of Our Visitors
  22. Homeward Bound
  23. Random Crap
  24. Saddawg 1 To Ground Control
  25. Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light
  26. Bama Week And A Granted Request
  27. Wild And Wacky Shit
  28. Quick Turn Around This Week
  29. It's That Damn Week Again
  30. Hells, Damns, And Bells
  31. Egg Bowl And Season Re-Cap
  32. Will He Stay Or Will He Go?
  33. Been Wanting To Use This One For Awhile
  34. Well This Certainly Changes Things
  35. Timeline Gives Me Some Hope
  36. Two Years And Six Days Ago....... Some Shit Was About To Change
  37. The Annual Many Trips To The Emergency Room Gala
  38. Vacation Complete
  39. Football Draws Nigh..... And So Do I
  40. Well, Time To Grind
  41. Walking In Memphis
  42. Week One Recap
  43. Some Of You Bastards Have The Good Wooly Faith
  44. What A KICK(ER) In The Ass
  45. FINALLY.............SADDAWG........
  46. Looking Back...... And Ahead
  47. I Think I'm Going To Sit This One Out
  48. Week 4 Recap
  49. Fear And Loathing In Athens
  50. Week 5 Recap