View Full Version : Explaining Board Views on SixPackSpeak

07-19-2013, 11:12 AM
- Threaded View (Default) - Displays the board in the old Yuku/ezboard style, with the subject lines of replies tabbed over and underneath the post to which they are replying. Easy to see who has replied to who and subjects of replies within the "thread" or "topic".
- Topic View (Classic vBulletin) - Displays the board by subject line of the first post in the thread/topic. Has several indicators as to whether new posts have been added since your last view, and a link to the first new post. Has no indicators of content of replies.

Thread/Topic View - How we view each individual post. This setting can be changed in a pulldown menu at the upper right of an individual post.

- Linear Mode - Displays replies to the original post (thread starter) in order of time of reply. Conversations are maintained by use of Reply With Quote to indicate to whom a person is responding. Can display a user-selected number of posts on a page (default is 10), and pages can be navigated to individually.
- Threaded Mode - Displays the current post being read only. Contains a subject tree of the whole thread/topic similar to the old Yuku/ezboard style, where subject lines of replies are are tabbed over and underneath the post to which they are replying. The current post is displayed below the subject tree.
- Hybrid Mode - Displays, despite the misleading name, a hybrid view of the two above. View is similar to linear mode, with the addition of a subject tree (in a scrollable window for larger trees) from the threaded mode, displayed above the linear posts. Clicking a link in the subject tree zooms you to the appropriate post in the linear display.

Board Sorting - How the threads/topics on a board are sorted for display. This setting can be changed in a pulldown menu near the bottom left of the board, above the board view setting pulldown, in the "Thread Display Options" section.

- Show threads from the... - Sets the earliest thread/topic (based on thread/topic start time, I believe) that will be displayed in a board. Most boards have enough posts that you won't really be impacted by this. - Sort threads by... - Determines the order in which threads/topics will be displayed in your board view. This has a large impact on how the board is viewed.