View Full Version : Ely's Preseason Prognosticators - Alabama Crimson Tide

06-26-2019, 07:26 AM

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08-05-2019, 07:41 AM
12-0 (8-0)

jack daniels dog
08-05-2019, 07:53 AM
It is sad when I go down that schedule and have no hesitation in calling every game a win. They have robbed the joy of college football competition from me.

12-0: 8-0

08-05-2019, 07:54 AM
Bitch scheduling.

08-05-2019, 07:54 AM
17 Alabama. That's my prediction.

08-05-2019, 07:57 AM
12-0 (8-0).

Maroon Eagle
08-05-2019, 08:03 AM
At least one dozen Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammers

08-05-2019, 08:33 AM
I do believe that the MSU game will be the closest chance they have to lose

12-0 8-0

08-05-2019, 09:11 AM
Faces Clemson in the Natty again

Choctaw Dawg
08-05-2019, 09:14 AM
12-0 (8-0)

08-05-2019, 12:17 PM
12-0 8-0

08-05-2019, 01:07 PM
0-12. Ncaa slaps them with 3 year probation for cheating.**

08-05-2019, 02:06 PM
11-1 (8-0). USM has perfected cloning technology and we will be starting Reggie Collier at QB, although Brett Favre is expected to get some snaps. Sammy Winder is expected to play halfback, and will be spelled by Damion Fletcher and Ito Smith. Todd Pinkston, Louis Lipps, and De’Andre Brown will be set out wide. On defense, Adalius Thomas, Jamie Collins, and Rod Davis will anchor the defense, with Patrick Surtain patrolling the secondary. Ray Guy will handle punting duties.

The sad thing is, I’d probably still pick Bama. 17 Bama.

Cap'n Geech
08-05-2019, 02:19 PM
11-1 (7-1). They will drop one of the following: @ Auburn, @ A&M, LSU, or @ State.

08-05-2019, 02:54 PM
12-0 (8-0)

I can only see three games (LSU, MSU, Auburn) that could even give them some part of a game for 2 maybe 3 quarters.

08-05-2019, 05:02 PM
5-7. Injury bug finally bites the bastards.
Proudly turn down a bowl game in Shreveport.
Even this bull market has to end sometime.

08-06-2019, 12:25 AM
Man, their November is brutal.
JK, that is this easiest schedule I have ever seen.

12-0 8-0

Duggar Hall Desk
08-29-2019, 12:03 PM
I had a feeling Bama would slip this year, but then I saw this schedule. Maybe Jimbo trips them up in College Station, but I'm not going to predict that.

12-0 (8-0)

Win SEC-C and lose in FBS semifinals.

Chris Mannix
08-29-2019, 09:14 PM
11-1 I just have a feeling they find a way to drop one, obviously hard to decide where.