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09-01-2010, 12:15 PM
As anyone who has read my bullshit over the years knows, I think
Houston Nutt is a damn good football coach. He is a good motivator,
sound fundamentally, makes great in game adjustments, and is a great

Any coach who can make those adjustments and calls like he does from
the sidelines, has my respect. Because no matter who is listed as the
OC under him, Ole Nutt is running that show and calling those plays.

Now I will poke as much fun of and make as much sport of HDN as I
possibly can because he is the coach at Ole Miss. I'm a State fan, it's
gonna happen. But, I also can respect the man's ability to coach.

Sure he can be goofy and a little weird sometimes, but that adds
flavor and color to the league. Can you imagine everybody being coached
by a bunch of Sabans? That would be dull as hell.

We have the Mad Hatter, the aptly named Nutt, the Jerry Clower wanna
be at Vandy, the truly psychotic Gator hater at Ark-Toothless, The
Visor, and even our own outspoken Yankee here at State.

These whack jobs make it fun.

Sure Nutt can be corny. Even the most die hard Reb would flunk a
polygraph if he said he didn't think Nutt had a lot of cornball in him.

But being goofy, weird , and corny never made me lose respect for him as a coach.

When he threw Tig and Pat Pat off the team, I thought to myself again
what a coach HDN was. That took guts to just cut those guys loose. It
further made my respect for him go up.

As a coach and as a man.

Then this Masoli deal came along.

Hell, I didn't blame Nutt. The man needed a QB and had a chance to get a good one. That's his job, to win games.

But something he said kinda bothered me. Nutt said, " He needs us more than we need him."


Houston, that sounds like something Jackie, Eddie O, Tuberville, or Billy Brewer would have said.

I never thought of you as being as slick and oily as those guys.

Then comes yesterday and you say " We are in the people helping business." and "He was even considered as a captain"


Houston why didn't you just say " Boy, this sucks, we were counting on
this guy. We really needed him to help our team. We will appeal the

Instead you came off greasy and slick again. So greasy and slick that
if Powe grabbed you by the back of your belt and the collar of your
shirt and threw you at a closed door, you would slide right underneath
to the other side and not get a scratch on you.

Here's what you should have done when the Stealin' Samoan got there.......

Walked out and said " We are glad he's here, ONCE he get eligible, we
think he is gonna help this team. Stanley is our QB, he's eligible so
we can count on that. He's our man. Masoli is on the bottom of the depth chart right now. He really can't compete because he's not eligible yet."

So now, Coach Nutt, if this ruling by the NCAA stands, you better be as oily and slick as one human possibly can be when you walk into that pre-game meeting Saturday, look at Stanley and say," You're my man, I have all the confidence in the world in you. I always have."

If you can pull that off, you are an even better coach than I give you credit for.

However, you ain't the man I thought you were.


09-02-2010, 01:26 AM
Well said. I remember weeks ago when I heard the news that Masoli was coming to OM, the fact he wasn't technically eligible NEVER came up. I didn't even start hearing any whisperings of him not being eligible until mid week last week. I think this was pretty piss poor handling by the NCAA. Same crappy feeling I got with the way Sidney's situation was handled this past basketball season. Not saying I think that ultimately this isn't the "correct" outcome, but the handling of it leaves a bit to be desired.

09-03-2010, 01:34 AM
Why would he not sound slick and oily?


09-05-2010, 03:46 PM
Let me be the first to say GO JACK ST. My boys from down the road put a thumpin (I know it wasn't a true thumpin) on Ole Nutt and I couldn't be happier.