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09-02-2010, 11:05 AM
It's football time!

Saddawg-1 lifts off tomorrow morn bright and early for the Vegas. Got my camping and trotline shit all set for a week on the bank of Eckie's Pond.

I guess I need to do some predicting.


I say we are (barring the injury bug) a lot better team. Unfortunately, with this schedule, that makes not make much difference in the record.

I hit last years record on the money, I hope I'm wrong this year.

Best case 7-5

Worst case 4-8

My prediction... 5-7

As for this week, I think you can tell a lot of how the season will go from this game.

I know a lot of folks see it as a blowout. Saddawg, is more realistic. We have never blown Memphis out much. If we cover the 21 point spread, I will be surprised.

If we do cover, I will have to change my predictions. If we struggle, I'll have to change it also.

A good team should blow Memphis out.

I say State 31- Memphis 17

This game will be a good barometer for the season.

I really think how it goes, the season goes.

I see it at 14 pts. If true, that means about a 5-7 season.

I look forward to roaming amongst my Bulldog brethren this next week.

And before you ask, I'm traveling solo, no Coo-Chees this trip.

However, you can come up and kiss my dog, if you want.


Fixing to head out. Will be downtown tonight, some of y'all do some wild and crazy shit that I can write about.

It would really help me out on the topic front.


09-03-2010, 03:20 AM
brings the defense back to at least where it was before Turdbush came in. I have the U of MSU game 35-10 but will be happy with a vanilla win. Unless we suck it up, I'm sticking with 6-6 possible 7-5.

skip dog
09-06-2010, 12:54 AM
if MSU appears to be doing good. The phone call comes about the end of the first quarter. As I later found out, when he placed the call to me during the Memphis game, he was standing in the kitchen next to his wife drinking a beer out of a yellow "solo" cup. The cup of beer was in his right hand, the phone was in his left hand, his wife was to his right about 2 feet away, & he was looking at her as he was talking to me. So he asks me if I am excited about MSU's play so far, to which I respond :

"I'm as giddy as a faggot in a submarine"

I then heard a gag / choking noise, followed by what sounded like a water line rupture / explosion.....followed by a " you ass".....turns out his beer that was in his mouth in the process of being swallowed was suddenly deposited on his wife.

In the event that I owe you any royalties for the use of the aforementioned comment / phrase, just pm the bill along w/ the address to send the check to.

That may have ended his phone calls during game time.

Thank you

09-06-2010, 03:46 AM
Can't remember where I got that or if it just came to me.

Glad it helped you have a laugh.