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    You 're right Florida can be hostile indeed

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    6-6 (3-5). Wins Vandy, SEMizzou, Idaho, Arkansas, Troy, Mizzou

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    or somewhere in between.

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    the difference between 5-7 & 7-5 is...

    tha 'Dores & tha Dogs...

    Tusk's O/U on Mississippi is 6.
    "It is not courage to resist TUSK; It is courage to accept TUSK."

    He has become a College Football Illuminati. He is transcending generations, bridging the years from The Deity that is Paul Bear Bryant, who also ruled the college football world. As every week passes and Denny Chimes begin to call it's next victim, scurrilous tenant farmers to the West and East tremble in fear. We can only hope to survive the Reign of Saban.
    Coach 34 - November Second, Year of Our Dark Lord 2012

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