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    What I take away from this thread

    Not one State fan who wrote out the Wins & Losses for each game predicted that State would lose to Ole Miss.

    I am curious how many people who did not write out each game prediction has State losing to Ole Miss.

    To be fair, a few listed it as a toss-up game but no one outright said it. I might have to go back to last year's NAFOOM thread to see how many people listed OM as a loss for last year's game.

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    As of 8/20, I think it's a toss-up. Advantage to home team if I had to bet.

    Home team seems to be pretty successful in recent years.

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    This is my prediction as well.

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    following that "logic" shouldnt we have beaten you by at least 10 last yr? since "degree of caring" doesnt account for any points or very few.

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    6-6, Our secondary is going to have to grow up fast. I know we had two NFL starters on last years team that was terrible, but it could have been worse. Ok State, Auburn, Ark, LSU, and OM all hinge on how aggressively sound th DB's are. We need TO's in Ok State and LSU. We need no big plays against Ark, Aub, and OM. I can't pick OM so wins vs 3 NC, and wins against Ky, Aub, and OM. Sorry to be another Egg Bowl win, BLChew, but in Aug I can't do it. And many on nafoom couldn't either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PBRME View Post
    My gut tells me 5-6, my heart tells me 6-6. I can't predict a loss to OM this early in the year so 6-6 it is.
    3-5 Sec wins Alcorn, Auburn, Troy, BG, KY, OM.
    Auburn, AR, and OM will make or break this season.

    You should listen to your heart since it at least got the number of games we should play correct.

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    At this uncertain time, most prognostications on this website and others are based "on paper." That includes the schedule, a gut feeling for who's here and who's gone, and a gut feeling for team chemistry. In other words, it's all pure conjecture. The bottom line is that both teams are on the bottom or close to it. The only thing that matters is going to a bowl game. Things go in cycles. The win/loss record between these two teams over the last 32 years (a generation) is 16-16.

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    A disappointing 6-6

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawgstudent View Post
    8-31-13 Oklahoma State @Houston, TX
    9-7-13 ALCORN STATE
    9-14-13 at Auburn
    9-21-13 TROY
    10-12-13 BOWLING GREEN
    10-26-13 KENTUCKY
    11-2-13 at South Carolina
    11-9-13 at Texas A&M
    11-16-13 ALABAMA
    11-23-13 at Arkansas
    11-28-13 MISSISSIPPI (Thur.)

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    Mine too. November`s gonna leave a mark.

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    Am I the only one who doesn't give two shits what OM fans'...

    ...predictions for our season are? Just sayin'.

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    Look, I'm obviously a rebel and biased, but I did put you guys in a bowl game. That's better than some of the dogs on here predict. Who knows what happens, it is the Egg Bowl and State could very well win. But I wouldn't say 14 points is a huge stretch. Looking over the last ten years, I can think of one eggbowl that ended with a differential of ten points or less. That was Orgeron's team when Pegues returned a punt for a td in the fourth quarter. It's a prediction thread and this was my prediction. Of course I am gonna be wrong on a few. Both teams have talent, but for some of you to say that State obviously has much more talent than us, and the only reason you lost is that you didn't care is ridiculous. You were out schemed. It had nothing to do with who cared more.

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    7 & 5 while our redshirts Shine!

    We are a Red Shirt Program.(NOW)

    Wait till NEXT year!
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    I always predict a State win. Who cares?

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    Ok St-W-Lets not over think this game. I like our matchups on defense enough to think we keep it close. Our offense will be WAY better than predicted.
    Alcorn-W-D.Milton rushes for 185 and 3 TD's
    Auburn-W-Defense shines.
    -W-Tyler and Fred connect for 2 td's
    Lsu-W-Nick takes starting HB spot in the two tight set. Dak with the two tightends/two back stack...we shall call it "IT" formation...will romp. Not sure if it will be a backfield stack or split. But expect the two tight, early and often, here.
    Bowling Green-W-Now ranked 20nd, We turn on the grinder and cut out the lights..
    Kentucky-W-Now ranked 18th...see Bowling Green
    South Carolina-W-We are now ranked 13th. Murlen finally seals the deal against SC. This becomes a grind it style game much like LSU. Neither team throwing it very well. I think Dak is the difference here, as he will be in the LSU win. Malcolm Johnson will take this mother 17er over.
    Tex AM-L-We are now ranked 7th. Johnny Football is too much. He only loses 3 games and we arnt one of them. We control the clock better but at the end of the day our DB's get sucked in too much and allow JFF to beat us with play action long ball. Us and every other team will be rushing him harder this year. One on one matchups on the outside in the SEC=TD's.
    Alabama-L-Ranked 12th... They beat us and every other team on their way to another championship.
    Arkansas-W-Ranked 15th... we beat Arkansas the same way we have beaten the other SEC teams, RUNNING THE FOOTBALL.
    Ole Miss-W-Ranked 11th...Simply put, we are deeper and more skilled @ every position. I sit and look at both rosters, at this point, and wonder how so many people have this as a toss up. Nothing against Tyler but Dak may be playing at a 50/50 split at this point.
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    Last year, I picked State to win which I think most thought was a safe pick.

    This year, I think it's a tougher pick but with the game in Starkville - State wins. If the game was in Oxford, I probably would have picked Ole Miss if you wanted me to be truthful.
    I support the two most frustrating teams in America: The New Orleans Saints and The Mississippi State Bulldogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebflow View Post
    You were out schemed.
    In case you hadn't noticed, we replaced the guy that got victimized in that game. That's probably a 10-14 point swing. I still think Ole Miss would have won even if Collins was calling the game instead of Wilson. It was simply your time.

    Your guys wanted the game more than ours. But I, and most people, still felt like we were the better team, but your effort and being at home took it home for you. And I feel the same way about this year's team, except it's in Starkville and we will be ready to play that game. Logic says we win in that situation.

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    You could see that game coming from a mile away last November. It was eerily similar to us in 2009. Picking us to win this year is MUCH safer than picking us last year up there.

    Not sure how some of you form your opinions, but I guess they are YOUR opinions not mine.

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    Gut feeling 4-8, satisfied at 6-6, happy with 7-5, ecstatic with anything at 8-4 or higher.

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    If I were to read this enough, I could start to believe it.

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    When you say last november, are you saying you would have picked State to lose to Ole Miss in August 2012?

    I think most saw a decent shot of us losing to Ole Miss even though we didn't want it to happen after the A&M game.
    I support the two most frustrating teams in America: The New Orleans Saints and The Mississippi State Bulldogs

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    Anyone that doesn't pick us 7-5 is a pansy.

    This is one of the deepest MSU teams in MSU history. We went 8-4 in regulation last year. We trade TN for USCe, and pick up a tough opener, but we also get UM at home, and history and talent are on our side there.

    Neither Arky or AU are talented enough to make a first year coach good enough to beat us this year.

    I think we are 8-4 again, but 7-4 should be the bottom unless you just love to hate yourself.

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    7-5 We are tough, blue collar, and pissed off.

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    Well, something unbelievable happens every year. Why can't it be this in 2013?

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    And mine.

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    No kidding.

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    6 and 6, we will be a better overall team than last year but it won't matter.

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    It'll never happen.

    Signed - MSU 2013 Baseball Team

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    5-7, beat 3 ooc, plus UK and Ole Miss
    Hi-ho Duke!

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    My favorite part:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lettuce View Post
    Now ranked 20nd

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    5-7 (2-6)

    Mullen just can't get it done at MSU and he can beat a Top 20 team once again...

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    Screw Max Howell, Tim Brando, Doug Colson, Bo Bounds, ESPN, FOX, Athlon, The SEC Media The SEC Coaches, USA Today, Danny Sheridan, Paul Finbaum, The Big 12/10/8, each and every bear/rebel/shark in the universe, known and unknown, whether in a zoo, aquarium, wild or Oxford, LeeAnn Touhy, Sandra Bullock, Houston Nutt, Mke Slive, Rev Freeze, the city an township of Stillwater, and anyone else who takes this team lightly. WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hail State!

    Someone find me my meds.

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    7-5 (4-4)

    W's: ASU, Troy, LSU, BGU, KY, UPig, OM

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    7-5 maybe 8-4

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    Last year Mississippi beat three nobodies in OOC,

    Beat Arkansas on a last second field goal, was losing to Auburn in the third quarter, until Auburn imploded, and caught State in the perfect storm (although it was tied at the half).

    And now Mississippi is going to win 7 to 9 games and beat State on their field. Well kiss my bulldog ass.

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    I admire the optimism lettuce. I honestly hope we're both 11-0 going into Starkville. And I really hope you guys do better. But let's be honest, y'all were more talented at every position? Your WRs were better than ours? QBs are a push, two different systems and two completely different skill sets. RB, I'd say push but just for argument sake I'll give you a slight edge on that one. TE, you guys were far better here. OL, tough to say, gabe was good but so was Morris, our tackles were a bit more solid, but your interior was probably a bit better. Again, completely different schemes. Push. DEs, I think ours were better, maybe it was scheme, but ours just seemed more disruptive. No knock on Autry, like most jucos, his second year should be good. DT, I'll say push, talent wise anyways, both units were solid but not world beaters. LB, we struggled early against the run so you win here, but not by much. You had better cb's for sure, safeties were young for both teams. Ours probably made more plays, but neither team was excellent here. Advantage ole miss. Honestly though, you think your receivers were better? Please explain.

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    6-6 (3-5)

    A ridiculous schedule for you guys.

    Definite losses: OSU (though I really hope you beat them), LSU, Ala, A&M, USC
    Definite Wins: Alcorn State, Kentucky, Troy, BGSU (I think one of those last 2 teams will play y'all uncomfortably close)
    Toss-ups: Arkansas (most likely win), Auburn (most likely loss), Ole Miss

    I have y'all winning 2 of 3 toss-ups.

    Best case: 9-3 (maybe 10-2 depending on JFF's status)
    Worst case (Houston Nutt-style implosion): 3-9
    Average those out and you get 6-6

    What sucks is that if you trade out OSU and USC for CUSA school and Mizzou on the road, you're looking at an easy 8-4 record.

    8-31-13 Oklahoma State @Houston, TX L
    9-7-13 ALCORN STATE W
    9-14-13 at Auburn L
    9-21-13 TROY W
    10-12-13 BOWLING GREEN W
    10-26-13 KENTUCKY W
    11-2-13 at South Carolina L
    11-9-13 at Texas A&M L
    11-16-13 ALABAMA L
    11-23-13 at Arkansas W
    11-28-13 MISSISSIPPI (Thur.) W

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawgstudent View Post
    When you say last november, are you saying you would have picked State to lose to Ole Miss in August 2012?
    Yes. I saw uncanny similarities between them in Freeze's first year and us in Mullen's first year. I had hoped they wouldn't have the talent to match up with us, but I knew that wasn't the case. We all knew they'd be fired up with a chip on their shoulder. Of course I didn't want this to happen, but I don't see how you could deny it. Yes, we were the better team on paper, but our margin of error was very slim in that game from the beginning, and we didn't take advantage when we had chances.

    As the season wore on, it became more apparent. I will admit that. Especially when our defense proved very vulnerable against the spread. A couple of posts by my alter egos proves this (last one was from August):

    100% agree. Actually, to me, Arkansas is a must win......

    ....if we lose that at home, that's disappointing. But I don't think we will, I think we beat them handily.

    Ole Miss is spooky just because we are playing them up there and most likely they are playing for pride, bowl eligibility and simply put, to beat our ass. Those guys, especially the 2010 and 2011 recruiting classes, want a piece of that dawg meat for sure. While it would suck royally to lose that game, I'm not calling it a disappointment like losing to Arkansas would be.

    They'll probably be even more motivated......

    not saying that I'm scared of them, but if you asked me if a loss to them was out of the realm of possibility, I'd say no. In Oxford, against a hated rival, harboring 3 years of pent up anger, playing for bowl eligibility......while it will be physically and emotionally impossible for our team to play with that type of spark due to knowing we've beaten them the past 3 years and a record of 8-3 with a feeling of superiority. Ripe situation for an upset.

    What's not to love?

    Edited: Also against an offense similar to the two that gashed us the most this year (Troy, TAM)?

    We will go 6-6...

    Fact: Troy is a classic MSU trap game. We WILL be flat for this game. It will be a matter of out-talenting them. If we lose to Auburn, we will have to deal with a sense of dejection as well. I look for a 10-14 point win maximum. Any mistakes and we are in for a world of hurt.

    You are a clueless homer if you believe MSU going to Kentucky and Ole Miss are two sure fire wins. I would love to think that things have changed under Mullen, and I personally think they have, but I will never pick MSU to go better than 6-6 until I've seen us do it a few years in a row.
    Damn, looking back, that's some hardcore accuracy on my part regarding last season.

    Remember, 8-4 (5-3) this year, bitches.

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    Holy shit find your enter key.

    And the QB position is not a push. If I were sitting in a dunking booth, I'd be more afraid he would hit me with the ball than hit the target and dunk me. Plus he as a busted wing.

    He was a perfect fit for Freeze's offense and offensive personnel last year, but he's not a stellar talent.

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