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    "not a stellar talent", neither is Tyler. Bo is 100% now, and even if he isn't 100%, he wasn't last year either but still fared pretty well. He is gonna throw more picks than Tyler, but he is also gonna put up more all purpose yards and TDs. If its not a push, you have to give the edge to Bo, like most neutral reporters have done in there SEC QB rankings.

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    No Bo isn't 100%. Far from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawgstudent View Post
    Last year, I picked State to win which I think most thought was a safe pick.
    Picking the road team in the Egg Bowl is NEVER a safe pick. Historically, even a significant favorite only wins about half the time on the road in this series.

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    [QUOTE=Bud;911636]Last year Mississippi beat three nobodies in OOC,

    Beat Arkansas on a last second field goal, was losing to Auburn in the third quarter, until Auburn imploded, and caught State in the perfect storm (although it was tied at the half).

    And now Mississippi is going to win 7 to 9 games and beat State on their field. Well kiss my bulldog ass.[/QUOTE

    This is spot on. Some of those guys need to back away from the kool aid. I say we go 6-6 this year with one of those W's being Bucky's Bears.

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    I doubt that any of us, Bears or Dawgs, have much of a clue how healthy Wallace really is. I'm going on the assumption he's at least as healthy as he was the second half of last year until I see otherwise.

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    6-6 (3-5) Losses to OKSt, Auburn, LSU, South Carolina, A&M, Bama.

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    What percent would you say he is?

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    I don't know but he has issues throwing.

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    8-4 (5-3)

    I think Arkansas is going to be turrible

    Quote Originally Posted by dawgstudent View Post
    8-31-13 Oklahoma State @Houston, TX LOSS 0-1
    9-7-13 ALCORN STATE WIN 1-1
    9-14-13 at Auburn WIN 1-1
    9-21-13 TROY WIN 1-1
    10-5-13 LOUISIANA STATE LOSS 3-2
    10-12-13 BOWLING GREEN WIN 4-2
    10-26-13 KENTUCKY WIN 5-2
    11-2-13 at South Carolina WIN 6-2
    11-9-13 at Texas A&M LOSS 6-3
    11-16-13 ALABAMA LOSS 6-4
    11-23-13 at Arkansas WIN 7-4
    11-28-13 MISSISSIPPI (Thur.) WIN 8-4

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    Honest question: Do you guys really see Wallace as the savior of your program? I was really surprised to start looking around this summer and seeing OM fans fired up about the QB position. Is this just a case of "what have you done for me lately?" Wallace was not a good QB at the beginning of the season; I recall Wallace being yanked several time to be replaced by Brunetti or Mackey. He was "mr. interception," remember? I do realize he dominated the egg bowl, along with some of your very talented receivers.

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    Savior is a strong word. I would say that Bo is what we need to be competitive. He's probably a middle of the pack QB like Russell. But he gives us a true dual threat QB that fits our offensive scheme well.

    Bo struggled early in the season, but came on strong in the second half. Remember, the guy was a sophomore straight out of JUCO learning a new system. He showed improvement late in the season and kept us in some games against tough opponents.

    I'll say this, I would rather have a Soph QB start out slow and end strong, all the while being hurt, rather than a RS Junior start strong and end with 1 td 2 ints in the eggbowl, and 4 ints in a bowl loss. That's right, 4.

    We don't think that Bo is a savior, but we do think he has the mentality and the weapons around him to excel in this league.

    And Desoto, what issues does Bo have throwing? He didn't have any issue throwing 5 TDs against your two NFL caliber corners. By all accounts, he is healthier now than he was then.

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    Games in order of probability of winning:

    Alcorn St.
    Bowling Green
    Ole Miss
    ----------- Ls below this line
    @S. Carolina

    This is pretty optimistic place to put the line, so I have to say that my head is thinking it could drift up 2, 3 spots pretty easy...injury, breakout player for Arkansas , Auburn fully transitioned to their new (old) coach early, etc. I don't see losing to OM at home right now, so them and above are "shockers" to me.

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    Worst case scenario is 4-8

    If we do better than that, I'll be happy. Well, not really, but I'm not expecting much this year.

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    8-4 is my prediction. We could be as high as 10-2 as low as 6-6.
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    6-6 (3-5)
    L's to Ok st, LSU, South Carolina, A&M, Bama,Ole Miss
    W's over Alcorn, Auburn, Troy, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Arkansas.

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