Often imitated, never duplicated. It is that time again, time to lock in "ya boy" for the 2013 season. We will archive this thread with the Preseason Prognostications. My selections from last year were as follows:

Offensive MVP: Nick Griffin. Toughest choice for me....Russell is #2, Perk #3.
Defensive MVP: Jon. Banks. 1A: Nickoe Whitley - green light this mother17er, he is 100% and ready to truck some fools - I hate he missed spring, because if his coverage ability improves he could be the best safety in the conference.
Offensive Breakout Player: Nick Griffin
Defensive Breakout Player: Denico Autry - should fill up the stat sheets with our secondary getting him some extra time.
Freshman of the Year: Joe Morrow

Accountability sucks...and so did I last year.

Here is a link to last year's threads, so you can all see how stupid we were: http://info.sixpackspeak.com/topic/91311

As a refresher, "ya boy" in the PTI dialect is basically your favorite player on the team. You will be open to ridicule if your boy flops and entitled to tout said player as "ya boy" when he performs well this season. We could call it "Your Favorite Player" but that is just boring. As a bonus we will also do everyone's selections for Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP, Offensive Breakout Player, Defensive Breakout Player and Rookie (Freshman) of the Year.

To review the leaders from the 2012 thread:
Nickoe broke a lot of hearts last year. He won in a landslide with 19 votes.
6 votes - Russell, Cam Lawrence, Jameon
5 votes - Banks
4 votes - Josh Robinson
3 votes - Morrow, Slay, Griffin, Cherrington (really?)
2 votes - Perkins (down from 13 votes the previous year)
1 vote - Bumphis (nice call Coach66, the rest of us jumped off the bandwagon), Redmond, Broomfield, C Smith, M Green, McKinney, Boyd

For the computer-stupid out there, just copy and past the below form and insert your selections:

"Ya Boy": RoJo - he quickly became my boy early last year.
Offensive MVP: Russell, just because it has to be. High hopes for M. Johnson...also hoping Griffin gets back.
Defensive MVP: Preston Smith
Offensive Breakout Player: RoJo
Defensive Breakout Player: Cox
Freshman of the Year: FredEx Ross