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Thread: Ya Boy 2014...

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    "Ya Boy": Chris Jones (2nd year in a row)
    Offensive MVP: Dak
    Defensive MVP: B Mac
    Offensive Breakout Player: Brandon Holloway
    Defensive Breakout Player: Richie Brown
    Freshman of the Year: Dez Harris, but if he plays, Brandon Bryant as a true freshman. One of the top guys in last year's class in my opinion.
    MSU Class of 2011

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    "Ya Boy": Chris "I Informed You Thusly" Jones
    Offensive MVP: Dak
    Defensive MVP: Chris "I Informed You Thusly" Jones
    Offensive Breakout Player: Fred Brown
    Defensive Breakout Player: Will Redmond
    Freshman of the Year: Jake Thomas

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    "Ya Boy": Taveze Calhoun
    Offensive MVP: Dak Prescott
    Defensive MVP: Benardrick McKinney
    Offensive Breakout Player: Josh Robinson
    Defensive Breakout Player: Chris Jones
    Freshman of the Year: Brandon Bryant (but if he gets redshirted: J.T. Gray)
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    Sorry to dig this up, but had to put mine down for the record:

    "Ya Boy": Ashton Shumpert - every day is Shump Day in the Azzurri house
    Offensive MVP: Prescott - lets face it, he is truly everyone's "boy" this year. I hope he sets the college football world on fire, he deserves it.
    Defensive MVP: Chris Jones - potential to be the most dominant force in the SEC this year
    Offensive Breakout Player: DeRunnya Wilson - pretty clear cut here, although I would love for it to be an OL too. Fred Ross a close 2nd.
    Defensive Breakout Player: Richie Brown - expanded role this year. Hoping he evolves into a true playmaker. Right now he is the model of consistency, nothing wrong with that, but he could be special.
    Freshman of the Year: Jamoral Graham -
    both he and Aeris Williams have the disadvantage of a crowded situation, but both have flashed major league talent in camp. With as many receivers as we rotate, I am going to give Graham the edge.

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    Since you brought it up

    K. Market...

    As Mr. Jack might say,.... The ever present.

    Made a lot of big plays down the stretch

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