All right, it seems a lot of you want some action on my worst football team ever prediction. And I can't blame, it's a bold statement. But I'm a man of action, and I love to gamble, so let's see if we can't have some fun and raise some cash for Mississippi State while we are at it. Here are the terms....

If Mississippi State finishes this season with 2 or fewer wins, Heydog wins the challenge, and all those who have bet against him must donate 100 dollars to the Dugout Club. This will be done specifically to keep LT's grubby paws off the cash. In fact, I would prefer if you mention that when you donate.

If Mississippi State wins more than 2 games this season, Heydog loses the challenge, and will donate 100 dollars to the Dugout Club. Never mind that I don't have near the available capital to match how ever many take up the challenge, the odds aren't in my favor to win. Regardless, if you don't like the challenge, don't accept it.

The area I'm worried about is how can we verify who entered, and will they all pay. Honestly, I would rather not know anyone's names, and I doubt you want to give out your info to me if you don't already know me. But that's where we just have to be on our honor. I will be creating an email account specifically for this event. If you are interested in participating, and for God's sake, don't email me if you aren't, send a reply to Just put your name (both real and your username) and phone number in the email. Come season's end, I'll send that list to the Dugout Club, and let them handle it from there. I know our good friend Cuzdawg is involved with them, I'm sure he'll let me know who to call. I say aGAIN, if you are not serious about donating 100 dollars if you lose, or if you are uncomfortable sending your info to me (and although I'm not a crazy, I totally understand if you don't want to do that), then please do not email me.

Which will occur, the worst football season in MSU history, resulting in record donations to the Dugout Club, or simply another terrible season, and the Dugout Club losing out on thousands? The shocking answer this fall!