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    Arkansas lost their most potent threat for the season. I can't see us losing that one.

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    Apparently, this contest is open to all bench spotters & douchebags.*

    11-1 (7-1)

    All SEC road trips worry me. But, I hope, we catch AU & TAMU before they're fully clicking. Plus, I think Johnson is more hype than substance. We lose @ Mizzou or @ Ark (is this the first time we actually play in Fayetteville instead of Little Rock?) but not both.

    The West canabilizes itself, & the loss doesn't hurt. We go to Atlanta to face Mizzou again. We repeat or redeem. 4 slot in the CFP.

    More hope than studied prediction, sprinkled with fears.
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    No thanks
    This is the first season ever where anything from 5-7 to 9-3 wouldn't really surprise me. There is an enormous amount of wiggle room between and within all the teams in the West. I'm going with 7-5 (3-5).

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    9-3 (5-3)

    As usual, the LSU game is huge...sets the tone for it all.

    Pigs are bacon on the hoof. Show me!

    We get by LSU, and we might go 10-2.
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    6-6 (2-6)

    We will be state champs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy Cotton View Post
    14 - 1 Late season let down to Arkansas, rest is gravy all the way to the NC. I'm booking my tickets now, Dogs gonna pay for the trip with that $100.00 bet my brother laid for me in Vegas last week.
    I agree with this 100% the loss will be Arkansas. And I think they can win the west aka the sec.

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    11-1 (7-1) L @ Auburn
    MSU Class of 2011

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    9-3 (5-3) Losses: @Auburn, @A&M, @Arkansas

    Don't think we lose @ Davis Wade with the home field advantage we have. Only game that sort of concerns me is Thursday night ESPN game @ Mizzou... Those get weird. Think Dak overcomes it, and we win by 3-5 points but it's ugly. Bama game sets up nicely for us, at home, we have a few extra days to prepare with that Thursday night game and they will be coming off LSU, which is always a slugfest. The Arky game just sets up terribly for us with that grueling November schedule. 2-2 in November would be PDG.

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    I agree about the possible range...

    It won't surprise me if we do well (although I'm obviously not expecting it)... I just think we'll lose those two back-to-back road SEC games early in the season, the team will kind of lose heart after that and we'll not play completely up to our potential.

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    I think we'll beat Bama this year

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    8-4. Hoping for better, but wouldn't be surprised to see 7-5.

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    Alright, I guess I'll stick my opinions on the block.

    3 losses

    LSU- with everyone thinking LSU is down, I'm afraid you're sorely mistaken. They have the ability to beat any team in the country. I believe they win the west this year.

    txam or Mizzou- not sure which one but if we win both of these, we will finish 1 or 2 in the west.

    Ark- with the HB getting injured, I almost put Bama here. I just think the Hogs play keep away the same way they did last season. This will be an OT game.

    yes, I believe we beat Aub on the plains and UA on Scott field. We play well at Aub and catch them early. As for BAma, I believe we get them this year. I believe Dan will chat with Urban a few times that week.

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    7-5. Schedule does not line up well for us. But there is a lot of parity in the West.
    Very probable wins: Southern, Northwestern, Troy, La Tech, <o></o>
    Probable win: Kentucky<o></o>
    Toss ups: LSU, Mississippi<o></o>
    Probable losses : at Auburn, at TAM, at Missouri,Alabama, at Ark. <o></o>
    This ends up at 6-6. Dak factor 8-4; worst case 5-7<o></o>

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    11-2 (7-2) Losses to Auburn and a team that is not LSU, UM, UK, or any OOC game

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    11-1 (7-1)
    Lose to Arky.

    SEC Champs Fa Shizzle

    ETA: Only if Dak stays healthy.

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    Worst case 10-2 regular season.

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    8-4 (4-4)

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