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Thread: Ya Boy 2016...

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    I hope my boy is Jamoral Graham...

    Quote Originally Posted by dawgstudent View Post
    Often imitated, never duplicated. It is that time again, time to lock in "ya boy" for the 2016 season. We will archive this thread with the Preseason Prognostications. My selections from last year were as follows:

    "Ya Boy": Nick James
    Offensive MVP: Dak Prescott
    Defensive MVP: Beniquez Brown
    Offensive Breakout Player: Dontavian Lee
    Defensive Breakout Player: Will Coleman
    Freshman of the Year: Gerri Green

    Here is a link to last year's threads, so you can all see how stupid we were:

    As a refresher, "ya boy" in the PTI dialect is basically your favorite player on the team. You will be open to ridicule if your boy flops and entitled to tout said player as "ya boy" when he performs well this season. We could call it "Your Favorite Player" but that is just boring. As a bonus we will also do everyone's selections for Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP, Offensive Breakout Player, Defensive Breakout Player and Rookie (Freshman) of the Year.

    Just copy and paste the below form and insert your selections:

    "Ya Boy": Nick James
    Offensive MVP: Fred Ross
    Defensive MVP: Brandon Bryant
    Offensive Breakout Player: Alec Murphy
    Defensive Breakout Player: Fletcher Adams
    Freshman of the Year: Jeffery Simmons

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    Overall: Fred 17n Ross (FFR)

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    Hope so. Dude looked totally lost every time he was on the field the last two years.

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    "Ya Boy": Gray
    Offensive MVP: Brandon Holloway
    Defensive MVP: AJ Jefferson
    Offensive Breakout Player: The Pocket Rocket
    Defensive Breakout Player: Gerri Green
    Freshman of the Year: Leo Lewis

    Lot of people betting on Fitzgerald.**

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    "Ya Boy": Brandon Bryant
    Offensive MVP: Fred Ross
    Defensive MVP: AJ Jefferson
    Offensive Breakout Player: Malik Dear
    Defensive Breakout Player: Jamal Peters
    Freshman of the Year: Leo Lewis/Marquiss Spencer
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