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    OT – Another Update on the MS Feature Film, Blood Country

    Hope this post finds the entire SPS gang having a productive December as we now move into the thick of the Christmas/New Year’s (as well as Bowl) season.

    Wanted to provide the Pack a quick update on our MS feature film, Blood Country. First off, to those of you who’ve already attended one of the 14 theatrical premieres we’ve hosted over the past 2.5 months, I want to express my sincere appreciation… I hope it surpassed your expectations going into the film. Oh, and for the ones having already seen the film, I would welcome any feedback you guys would be willing to offer.

    Now, an update for those who have yet to see the film… One of the biggest responses I received early on from the SPS gang was in regard to our plans to host a premiere in (or around) Starkville. Well, I hope the following announcement demonstrates our commitment to our bulldog family in the Golden Triangle. We have just released the date and ticket link for the Columbus, MS premiere of Blood Country. The screening will take place on Thursday, February 1st, at the Malco Columbus Cinema (below, I’ve included a hyperlink to the Eventbrite page where tickets can be purchased). There will be cast & crew in attendance at the event, including two MSU alums (Chris Bosarge and myself), and it will be a great opportunity for those SPS Packers in and around Starkville to come and see a MS film (made exclusively in MS by a contingency of MS actors and filmmakers), based on a true MS story!

    If we could make the Columbus premiere another SELLOUT (in following of a victory over Louisville in Jacksonville), I would consider the start of my 2018 an indisputable SUCCESS! And though we are appreciative of every person that comes out to support us at each event, I know this one would be especially meaningful to Chris and me!

    Now enough with the “feel-good” sentiments… Well, one more… As I do in each of these posts, thanks to the entire SPS gang for your support of this film. If anyone has any questions regarding the film or upcoming premieres, feel free to PM.

    HOLIDAY SIDE NOTE: I hope that everyone has knocked out all of their Christmas shopping, ESPECIALLY those with significant others. Would hate if you found yourself at a 24hr Walgreens at 9 PMon Christmas Eve, browsing the “As Seen on TV” section for that perfect gift for the wife or girlfriend (or both – not judgement).

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    Out of curiosity,

    how close is the film to being a commercial success? Has it broken even yet? Is it something that a studio would pick up to add distribution?

    Pretty cool deal that a bunch or regular Mississippi folks got together to do a movie. Good luck with it. I hope it does well.

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    For us out of state folks, get this on Amazon Prime !!! Please!!!
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    Hey MR, those are really good questions (and likely the first ones I'd be asking another filmmaker as it pertains to their independent feature)!

    Regarding the financial success of the film, that's actually one that I could speak at length on if given the chance. But the "Cliff Notes" version... Since it was always or plan to use the model of self-distributing the film theatrically, we've been able to maintain full control over our film (a decision that I feel has proven to be the right one thus far). The problem with signing a deal with domestic distributors early in a film's lifespan, the agreement typically involves the forfeiture of your rights to the film (at least for the period of time agreed upon contractually). With our model, we still control our own destiny. However, there is a major tradeoff. Self-distribution of an independent film is a HELL OF A LOT of work (more than I ever anticipated). One saving grace has been the support of our MS fan base, and people coming out to support the film at the premieres.

    Our current plan is to continue with the theatrical self-distribution model until it becomes either just too demanding or no longer feasible (or both), which is always a possibility as you move into states further from your nucleus fan base (MS). At that juncture, more meetings will be taken with distributors so we can decide what is ultimately best for the film's future (i.e. what will give it the platform for the largest potential audience). Although I can't with certainly give the definitive timeline, I can promise that the film will be available for wide audience viewing at some point, likely on a VOD platform such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

    Lastly, another important component in helping to recover the budget spent on the film, at which time you essentially become profitable, is taking advantage of a state's incentive program (if available). We are fortunate that MS has such a strong incentive/rebate program. We are fortunate that MS has such a strong incentive/rebate program. Through the MS Film Office’s Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Program, which we qualified for, a production is eligible for a 25% rebate on their base investment in MS (called the local spend). So that subsidy provided us with a great start in recouping the film's budget. As far as the difference, well, it's only through patrons who come out and see the film that closes that gap (shameless pseudo-guilt plug to come see the film).

    Again, AWESOME questions, MR! Oh, and your well-wishes are GREATLY appreciated and really mean a lot. Thanks for your interest and if you have any follow-up questions, I'd be happy to field them.
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    Hey AROB44, the question you posted is so encouraging… It really is. And I can promise you that the film will ultimately end up on one of the VOD platforms. In the meantime, the ongoing theatrical release (via self-distribution) is not limited to only MS. We have already started moving out into other states in the southeast, and if we continue receiving positive responses, our intent would be to premiere it in all 48 continental US states (essentially, if they keep coming, we will build it – or something like that).

    Anyway, I would love to do you one better than just VOD by giving you the opportunity to see it on a theater screen. Where are you located and are their venues for a possible premiere? Just let me know and maybe we could make this happen. But one way or another, I’ll get it to you (whether it be big screen, small screen, or other)! Promise!

    Thanks for your support and interest in the film, AROB44. It gives me fuel to keep going!

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    I know Meridian's theater owner is difficult to deal with but I'd love to see it come here.

    ETA: There are a great group of local film enthusiasts that started a film festival (Rails to Reels) and have shown films at the Temple Theater instead, although they do not have the equipment of a modern theater there.
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    Any chance of Jackson showings?

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    How about a showing in VicksVegas after the new year?

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    If you get one in Jackson, I will definitely attend. There is a Malco in Madison.
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