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    Rooker and Kruger in MS this week

    This Tuesday thru Saturday, Brent Rooker (Chattanooga Lookouts) is playing in Pearl, and Jack Kruger (Mobile BayBears) is playing in Biloxi. For folks in those 2 areas, I encourage you to catch a game and wear maroon.
    I know Rooker has a higher profile, but don't forget about Kruger. He loves him some MSU and was very interactive with fans (my kids included) when they played the M-Braves a few weeks ago.

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    Kruger was a great player, I remember him going on a slugging tear a few year or so ago.

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    Had an MSU shirt on when Kruger came to Pearl a few weeks ago. Stayed after the game they won and talked with him about 3 minutes. He loved MSU and said Hail State to me as I left. I shook his hands and he told me thanks for coming to cheer for him. I get to sing the National Anthem on Wednesday night at Trustmark Park so I hope to see Rooker up close and thank him as well. I also talked with Nathanial Lowe when he came to Pearl. These 3 guys will be in the big leagues soon and MSU will have a bunch of players on different teams to make us proud, already Frazier, Holder, Moreland, Hudson, Stratton, Renfroe, and hopefully Graveman next year again. We had Girado for a short time and Lindgren as well. Lindgren is with the Braves organization but has 2 Tommy John surgeries and make never make it. Watch out for Zac Houston and Austin Sexton as well. I almost forgot that Jacob Robson is tearing it up in AAA and may be called up for Detroit in September. For those that thought Cohen couldn't recruit, you need your head examined.

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    Yeah Kruger went out of his way to interact with the State fans at length. Extremely nice young man. He asked my kids how they were doing, what position they played, etc. and made their day.

    We're heading to Pearl Fri. or Sat. and hope to catch Kruger 1 more time - either in Biloxi this week or in Pensacola for a quick beach trip next week. I just think both of those guys will likely be in AAA by next year and the Southern League won't have any MSU guys for at least a little while, so we are catching them while we can.

    Wow, looking at all those names you listed makes you realize just how talented the 2013 and 2016 teams were.

    Good luck with the anthem.

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    Kruger is a good Twitter follow. He loves State and was an excellent catcher. We were lucky to get him and Nathaniel Lowe on the same team.

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    When Kruger was here recently, I was not able to attend until their Thursday night's game against the Braves.

    Guess what!

    They gave him the night off, so I was out of luck! I don't plan to make the same mistake this time with Rooker's games here.

    Honestly, I'm shocked he was not called up by now.

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