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    Just looking at their schedule, logic tells me 5-7 (2-6), and Luke gets another extension. Because it's never as bad as we think or want it to be, it'll probably be 6-6 (2-6). They may slip up and beat Memphis. Doubt it, though. Norvell can score big, and OM's D is going to be porous. AJ, Lodge, and Metcalf aren't there, anymore. Neither is any resemblance of a serviceable OL. So, running may be a big challenge this year, too. OK Corral is going to have to run for his life against decent D's. They better hope they don't have any injuries on the OL, or anywhere on their D. If so, it could really get ugly and go downhill fast. No depth.

    Memphis- L
    Arky - W
    SEL - W
    Cal - W
    Bama - L
    Vandy - W (but could go other way. They are Vandy's bitch most years.
    Mizzou - L
    aTm - L
    Auburn - L
    NMS - W
    LSU - L
    State - L

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    Lateral move.

    Quote Originally Posted by Goat Holding Inc View Post
    If they'll smart they'll do what they should have done many times before - hire Mike Leach.

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    I think they'll lose to Memphis. The only SEC teams they have a snowball's chance in hell of winning are Arkansas, Missouri and Vandy. I'd be extremely surprised if they win more than one of those three.

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    It's going to be fun as hell to rag the Rebs after they lose to Tiger High.

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    They are going to be very bad. Every game will be just plain ugly. Ugly like a 4 year slump buster after a case of naty light.
    But i hope that they win just enough to keep Luke.

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    3-9 Only likely wins on the schedule are CAL/SELA/NMST

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