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    Ely's Preseason Prognosticators - THE MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS

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    I support the two most frustrating teams in America: The New Orleans Saints and The Mississippi State Bulldogs

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    8-4 (4-4)
    I support the two most frustrating teams in America: The New Orleans Saints and The Mississippi State Bulldogs

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    9-3 (5-3)

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    9-3 (5-3) I think we upset LSU at home, but take a loss at Auburn.
    Hail State, Braves, Panthers, Liverpool

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    8-4 (4-4).

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    I was leaning 9-3 but will go with 8-4. I'm not sure how bad the suspensions

    will hurt the team. I don't think it's going to be a problem but it is what it is and could be.
    I don't always drink but when I do I become a message board genius**

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    I want to believe. 8.

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    10-2. Losses to Alabama and Texas A&M.

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    8-4 (4-4)
    If we get lucky, we go 9-3 and 5-3
    If the O isn’t any better than last year and D has a game or two like UK last year— 7-5 (3-5)

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    I got 9-3 (5-3) with losses to Alabama, Auburn, LSU.
    Bama and LSU losses are by a pretty big margin.

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    At a glance, I'm going with 16-0.
    90 percent of college football teams do not cheat...the other 10 percent are ranked.

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    6-6. Folks are missing how awful that schedule is.

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    8 wins regular season and 9 with the bowl game. We have a shot at 9 or even 10 regular season but things would have to break just right. 7 is the floor.

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    10-2 (6-2)

    Finally beat Bama, but lose the Arky the week before.

    Losses to Auburn and Arky.

    Could have been a real special year without the Ark upset.

    Tommy Stevens turns out to be "The Man"

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    8-4 / 4-4

    Win the 4 nonconference plus OM. Take 2 out of 3 against UK, Ark, UT. Take 1 out of 3 against Auburn, LSU, A&M. Lose to Bama.

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    14-0 Tommy Touchdown wins the Heisman. We’re about to play in the natty, but suddenly a sinkhole forms under the stadium and swallows everything in sight.***

    (8-4 (4-4))

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    8-4 Overall 4-4 SEC with losses at Auburn, @ A & M, LSU, & Alabama

    Our OOC & SEC East games should be manageable.

    The big games on our schedule are Kentucky & @ Tennessee.

    We really need for one of A & M, LSU, & Auburn to shit the bed for us to have a special season.

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    7-5 losses to Auburn, UT, LSU, A&M, and Alabama. Hope Im wrong but I got a bad feeling about the game in Knoxville

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    7-5 (3-5) with a better shot at going 6-6 (2-6) than 8-4 (4-4).

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    7-5 (3-5)

    L's to Auburn, UT, LSU, A&M and Bama

    Pending how QB works out could see it going up to 8-4/9-3 or down to 5-7

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    8-4 (4-4), Ls to Auburn, Texas A&M, LSU, Alabama

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    8-4 (4-4).

    I think losses to LSU and Bama are a given.

    Wins over ULL, Southern, Kentucky, Kansas State, Arkansas, Abilene and ole miss.

    Toss up: tenn, Auburn, A&M.

    So, I see the ceiling at 10 wins and floor at 7.

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    Losses to Auburn, Bama, LSU, and A&M.

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    8-4 (4-4)

    @ Tennessee, LSU, @ A&M in three weeks. This is the stretch that will determine how we feel about the season.

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    Just good enough

    That the sunshine pumpers will say we're making progress and just bad enough the miserable bastards will say we're doomed.

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    8-4 (4-4)

    I think we split the road games at Auburn, Tennessee
    Lose to A&M LSU and Bama

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    Here's how it's gonna happen fellas...

    8/31 - Louisiana - W - Yay! A blow out win in the Superdome. We see Schrader play. Time to partay at Southern Decadence **
    9/7 - Southern Miss - W - Yay! Does this one even come with bragging rights?
    9/14 - K State - W - Looking solid now. Confidence is getting up there.
    9/21 - Kentucky - W - Payback. 4-0 baby! Bring on that gruesome stretch. We ready!
    9/28 @ Auburn - L - CRAP. Refs screwwed us over. Dammit. Auburn sucks.
    10/5 - Beat off
    10/12 @ Tennessee - W - Alright, back on track. Win in Knoxville. Too much value will be placed on this game.
    10/19 - LSU - L - Close game. We should have won that, but ok we're still 5-2. Still a lot of football to be played.
    10/26 @ A&M - L - Doubters really getting vocal now. Missing Fitz legs.
    11/2 @ Ark - W - Another nailbiter close win... probably a crucial injury. Bowl eligible, but we should have been there already.
    11/9 - Beat off again
    11/16 - Alabama - L - Not sure what anyone expects. Everyone will be hyped for about 10 minutes, then Bama will do what Bama does.
    11/23 - Abilene Christian - W - Typical tune up game prior to Battle for the Golden Egg
    11/28 - Northern Miss - W - This one will get nasty. I can easily see ejections on both sides before it's over similar to last year.

    Looking back, the most frustrating thing is we only win 1 game in the entire month of October. But hey, we're 8-4, have the golden egg staying home and are making plans for new years in Nashville.

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    9-3 (5-3)
    Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” Mark Twain

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    8-4, 5-3 The bowl streak survives for another year.

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    5-7... Assume the worst. Hope for the best.

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    7-5 (3-5)

    not optimistic this year. i'm in a show me mood. both ole miss and arkansas struggling so those should be W's. I think we get Kentucky this year at home, but we lose at Auburn, at Tennessee, and at TAMU. It sucks getting all three of those on road. Bama and LSU at home will both be losses.

    I'll be very impressed if we go better than 7-5 this year.

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    7-5 (3-5)

    8/31 - Louisiana (W)

    9/7 - Southern Miss (W)
    9/14 - K State (W): Unexpectedly close. Lots to clean up. Natives are already restless.
    9/21 - Kentucky (W): Still angry about last year. We do not lose to UK at home.
    9/28 @ Auburn (L): First road game. Not pretty. We're in it late but the wheels fall off.
    10/5 - Try to figure out what went wrong at Auburn. Fan base starts screaming that we should change QBs.
    10/12 @ Tennessee (L): Still working on team chemistry. Vols are resurgent and surprise us because we thought this would be easy.
    10/19 - LSU (L): Game is close because we're at home (and the team is desperate to give me a W against LSU for my birthday) through 3 quarters. D gets tired.
    10/26 @ TA&M (L): Play well but come up short. Fanbase REALLY screaming to change QB now.
    11/2 @ Ark (W): Kylin Hill gashes Razorback D over and over and .... you get the point.
    11/9 - Spend the week thinking that if we play our best and Bama slumps, maybe.....
    11/16 - Alabama (L): We do not play our absolute best and Bama does not slump, so......
    11/23 - Abilene Christian (W): Thank goodness for a late season cupcake game, but we are sluggish and don't look great. Still win comfortably.
    11/28 - TSUM (W): Let us give Thanks that the Golden Egg will stay in Starkville.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonster View Post
    That the sunshine pumpers will say we're making progress and just bad enough the miserable bastards will say we're doomed.
    There it is. The only true maroon answer.

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    If Tommy is for real and the passing game improves we could be better than last year even with a sizable step back on D. I think we drop @Auburn not necessarily because they are very good, they aren't, but historically we don't do well on the road there. I think we split A&M and LSU and Bama will unfortunately continue to own everyone that's not Clemson.

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    7-5 thanks to the suspensions that are hanging over like the proverbial cloud; otherwise, I'd say 8-4 (4-4) L - Auburn, LSU, aTm, Alabama

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    After LA Lafayette, Southern and K State....
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    1st quarter vs. Kentucky....
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    I think we'll be competitive in every game this year, including Bama. If JoMo's sharp, the ball bounces our way some, and our top guys stay healthy, we're winning 10 games this year... maybe 11. GONNA BE FUUUUUUN!

    Hail State!

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    8-4 (4-4). Losses to Auburn, LSU, TAMU, and Bama.

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