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With all due respect, you're full of shit. I've seen her books and invoices, and I'm best friends with her CPA. I know where she makes her money. I sold and installed her Avimark servers, and do all of the maintenance on them, as well as the IDEXX lab, and X-ray server. Just because you only work on Sassy the inbred Persian doesn't mean that's what every other vet makes their bread on. I've been consulted by the corporation looking to buy my client's practice. So, yes, corps are buying up mom and pop vet practices. The Vet from H'burg (i won't say his name) is a consultant for the corp and does all of the due diligence to see if the practice is worth their investment.
You are seeing what she charges for large animals, not how much time it takes. You dont just load up a sick cow or horse in the back of your camry, and haul them to the vet office. The vet has to drive there, do the work, then drive back. How many 5 minute cat or dog checkups for $470, did they miss due to that one farm call? Here a farm call is $110. And in my experience, the treatment prices for horses vs dogs is about the same, but one takes a lot more work.

Source: owns 6 horses, 4 dogs and a cat.