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    Brand New Kitchen Aid Black Stainless Steel Appliances!!!

    My wife and I were in the process of building a new house that fell through so we purchased an already built house. We had already purchased the appliances for the house we were building so we have them all available to sell. THey are still in boxes / crated. Below is a list of the appliances. These are all black stainless steel (except for the garbage disposal). Let me know if you are interested. These retail for $16K currently and it is also taking months to get them delivered. We will sell these for much less than that.

    Item Description:..KMBP100EBS-KitchenAid® 30" Built In Microwave Oven with Convection Cooking
    Item Description:..KUBL304EBS-KitchenAid® 24" Stainless Steel Beverage Center with SatinGlide® Metal"Front Racks
    Item Description:..KDTM704EBS-KitchenAid® 44 dBA Dishwasher with Dynamic Wash Arms and Bottle Wash
    Item Description:..KRMF706EBS-KitchenAid® 25.8 Cu. Ft. 36" Multi"Door Freestanding Refrigerator with Platinum Interior Design
    Item Description:..KBDS100T-KitchenAid® 1"Horsepower Batch Feed Food Waste Disposer
    Item Description:..KSGG700EBS-KitchenAid® 30"Inch 5"Burner Gas Slide"In Convection Range

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    Hey Casino....I have a friend looking for a side by side black stainless fridge. Is yours that design? if so, can I tell him what you're asking for it? Thanks, man.
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    Yes it is a side by side 36" black stainless steel. If you were to purhcase one right now it would be around $4,200 tax and all. We will sell it for $3,000. It is still on the pallet it came on and crated up.

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Size:  84.9 KBHere is a pic of it.

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    Thank you, brother. I'll let him know.
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    Is the dishwasher black as well? Price?

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    Yes it it also black stainless. They are about 1,400 tax and all so we will take 1,100 for it. It they take both I will take $100 off and let em both go for $4,000, which is cheaper than the fridge by itself.

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    I'm interested in the dishwasher but may have to come pick it up in September as I live in Georgia. Possible?

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    Got the "no go" from the Commandant. Thanks anyway.

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    Ha...I know how that is my man. No worries.

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    Are the appliances available

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    Yes the still are.

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