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    OT: An American default

    So, just a little warning to all in case you havenít been aware of this major possible catastrophe.

    IF, for the first time in our history, the American government canít pay its bills and is allowed to default. The stock market will crash and interest rates will have to go up. Iím nervous and advising caution to the wind to my fellow dogs financially! Naturally you want to believe, donít worry, they wonít let that happen. Well, it isnít looking like it at the moment after Mondayís vote.

    The republicans/gop are gambling away a lot of the economy we have left to make Biden/Democrats look bad. Even under Trump, deals were made for a higher/suspended debt ceiling. The senate and the house members should all be fired if they canít keep stuff running. Taxes are pointless if all the services arenít running. Anyways, expect shenanigans, because this country is in a cold civil war politically I believe. People are dying from vaxx vs anti-vaxx misinformation and the big lie that Trump won.

    tl;dr Market turbulence come October
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    If people are believing and dying over what they read on Facebook and Twitter about vaccinations, that's just the evolutionary gene pool cleansing itself. As for the debt ceiling, its about time somebody got some sense and started cutting spending instead of raising ceilings. They can start w/ all that bullshit Covid money they are throwing around like Monopoly dollars. Then they can work down to pork barrel spending on every bill that's introduced. I'll stop now since this may be locked by the time I finish but I could go on for awhile
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