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    Pro/College Fandom Question

    With Graveman on the Astros, it got me thinking. I love MSU and our former players but if Graveman is throwing in a tie game late, I hope Freddie Freeman takes him yard and the Braves win. How does everyone else feel when their chosen NFL team face former state guys? I don't have an NFL or NBA team so I just root for our guys to do well and typically that's the case in baseball except for a situation similar to what I mentioned.

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    I'm sure Graveman would want you to pull for the Braves if you've been a fan for years. I don't think anyone that has been a Braves fan will pull for Houston because a State player is on the roster. Now if Houston is playing someone else then I can see pulling for a team with a State player. Kansas City vs Tennesse Titans had players from State on both sides. I don't pull for either of them regularly but I did pull for Tennessee because Simmons plays for them and he showed up at the MSU vs Vandy game.

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    You have your team and you always root for them no matter what.. Well almost. Nobody should ever root for the Astros or Patriots. Cheating bastards. Hope Gravemen pitches well and makes more money somewhere else.

    Now to the other question, you can always pull for the State guys. But you don't have to root for their team. The only time I would be truly conflicted is when one of the real iconic bulldogs are playing. One of the bleed Maroon guys. Which to me is a guy that stayed around for 3-4 years and really did special things. Then went pro as an underdog and blows it away. But still supports MSU loudly and proudly.

    The list would be small for me on who I would root for even against my team. I'm a Cowboys fan, so Dak is my team, but if he were somewhere else I might root for Simmons and the Titans over my team. In baseball, I am a Rangers fan, but if Magnum, TA, or Rowdey were ever in a spot to to beat them in the WS... I would pull for those 3.

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    My problem tonight is that I always root for the Astros and Braves. Grew up a Braves guy. Moved to Houston 20 years ago, and raised boys spending Spring and summer evenings watching/attending Astros games. My sonís first baseball heros were Jeff Bagwell and Craig Bigio. I spent summer afternoons when he was in little league trying to make him stop using the Bagwell hitting stance. So now they are Astros fans, and I like Astros as much as I do the Braves. I guess my team wins either way.

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