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Blake fills in for Bo on a Football Friday talking SEC football and the Memorial Day grilling weekend in the final hour of the show live in the BankPlus Studio. Blake talks a little SEC football and the recent remarks from Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin regarding NIL and the new era of college football. In the SEC Insider Hit, New Orleans insider Jeff Duncan joins the show on the Bucked Up Energy guest line talking Arch Manning and the NFL. Jeff takes a deep dive into the recruitment of the next great Manning quarterback. Jeff discusses which programs are on the shortlist for Arch Manning, both in and outside the SEC. Jeff talks about how recruiting the Manning family is different than any recruit in college football, and what landing Arch would mean for the programs pursuing him. Jeff gives his thoughts on the Juwan Howard incident and the potential discipline coming for the Michigan basketball coach. Jeff talks about the retirement of Saints head coach Sean Payton and the media dinner they held earlier this year. Jeff shares some stories from working with and covering the future Hall of Fame head coach for fifteen seasons, and what set Payton apart from some of the other great coaches around the NFL. Jeff talks about what Sean might end up doing while not coaching football, and whether or not he might come back to the game.

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