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"It's the only way he's ever known"

Dennis Haysbert as Jarvis's dad: "Cmon Jarvis! Time for school!"

Jarvis gets out of bed, goes to school at a nice high school.

"It's the only way he's ever known" *cue The Fray*

Renardo walks the streets of Los Angeles, destitute, looking for a college to play basketball for since nobody will have him.

Winston, on visiting CA to watch msu play a whale's vagina there, runs into Renardo playing at an AAU game and is curious about him. One night, he catches him crying on the doorstep of his house in LA, where Winston inquiries about this lost soul that happens to be a great looking basketball player.

"Nobody will take me because they think I stole money!" he cries out.

"Well, cmon then. I know a place that will."

Winston takes him on a tour of MSU and lets him know he can play there.

"I've never had one of these before"
"An indoor practice facility?"
"A indoor practice basketball"

Renardo is threatened though, by the LA Times and Gary Parrish.
Winston confronts them in their offices: "YOU MESS WITH MY FAMILY, YOU MESS WITH ME"

"Dad are you going to get Renardo cleared so we can be like a 2-headed bulldog?"
"You bet Jarvis. You're both going pro too"

Winston, sitting next to Renardo's mom (Regina King) at a MSU game says "you're gonna want to get this on tape!"

Jarvis looks like he's attempting a 3 pointer, but is really alley-ooping to Renardo who catches the alley oop in the middle of doing a 720 degree slam dunk.

Regina King says to Haysbert: "you're changing my boy's life"

"he's changing mine"