Good Evenin' Six Pack message board fans:

Football is back in full force, and the Stallion is loving it!!! Who would have thought that BYU just cleared the way for the Longhorns to face the Gators for the National Championship game. There really isn't a need to play any more games this season. Right?

Well there are a few teams out there that still have a legit shot at the ultimate cream, and I hope more crazy upsets are in store for this year. Overall, the weekend was exciting considering that there were the most I-A vs. FCS (I-AA) teams facing each other than ever before for a given weekend. One thing is for certain, Miss State and Southern Miss. can kick some SWAC hiney. The Stallion tried his best to see the Sonic Boom at Scott Field but due to internet complications I only got to read the posts from the pack. Overall it seemed like a successful day. Congratulations for taking care of business to open the Mullen era.

The cream is far from settling within the best conference in the country, but there was some movement. Overall, the Stallion's preseason predictions seem to be in the right vicinity. Tennessee, the Stallion's sleeper, did not disappoint, and some of the weaker teams in the conference took care of business a la Vandy, Kentucky and State. Auburn appeared to struggle awhile with La. Tech, but the sixpack told me that is completely understandable because of that high octane Ruston offense - see 2008 Cream Talk-Week 1.

Bama certainly showed that they have a ton of speed and talent and will prove to be a huge roadblock for many teams in the West to overcome.

My beloved Tigers appear to be as porous as ever on defense and is hoping the 3000 mile trek to the great Northwest was the reason for such a lackadaisical performance. However, I know that's a reach.

Could there have been a more boring Thursday night game than South Carolina and North Carolina State. Ole' Ball Coach - say it ain't so. What has happened to the exciting brand of football you once innovated?

And of course the Rebels come rolling around to try to prove to all of us that it's more than hype. Just knowing that the Reverend called a TD play with 6 seconds left on the clock to ice that 31-point nail biter will certainly enhance the Rebs in the polls. Stay classy, Ole Miss!

And finally, outside the SEC, the "play" of the week has to be the left jab of one LeGarrette Blount of Oregon. We will see you in the next UFC season, because your NFL career has just been flushed down the toilet.

And now the Week 1 Cream Rankings:

Florida - Scrimmage went well for the Gators and Charleston Southern is thrilled that it has a nice paycheck. I compare this matchup to the days when we used to say, "I'd fight Tyson for a couple of million dollars," knowing good and well you were going to get pounded.
2) Alabama - Not only is the Stallion concerned about the Tide this year, but how good are they going to be in 2 years. Wow that was some talent on the field against VT. However Bama made several mistakes that they need to clean up (mainly at QB) to make them the solid leader in the West. They showed me enough to pass the Rebels this weekend for No. 2.
3) Ole Miss - Jevon Snead's slow start and the Rebels allowing Memphis to hang around for 3 quarters was not what I expected a top 10 team to do. At the end of the day, the Rebels do have enough talent to make noise in the West.
4) Tennessee - Sure it was Western Kentucky, but this team was completely inept last year on offense even against the bad teams. I do realize there is a lot more football to be played, but the Vols' role as the Stallions' 2009 sleeper team is still strong.
5) LSU - Did Bob Davie play for Washington…one would think so after listening to that commentating. And Cheech, the new defensive coordinator for the Tigers, better get his act together quickly.
6) Georgia - They have a ton of talent with no QB. Reminds me of Stafford's freshman year. Please don't improve until October 12th.
7) Arkansas - Is Missouri State in the SWAC? Probably not, but should be.
Kentucky - Rich Brooks continues to impress me as a coach and could surprise some people this year. Solid performance for the 'Cats.
9) Vanderbilt - Remember the days when the 'Dores would win against teams like Western Carolina by a TD or two. Signs that Vandy has improved are evident.
10) Auburn - Is La Tech better or worse than NC state. Stallion says push.
11) South Carolina - See no. 10's reasoning for dropping the gamecocks.
12) Miss. State - May Croom RIP. Let the Mullen era begin.

Hot Boudin - Alabama - Beat a team with speed, talent and hard nosed defense. No doubt Saban's boys will be a tough defeat for any team in the country this year.

Cold Couscous - Georgia - Yes you are the only team that lost in the SEC this weekend. You win by default.

And now for the season' s first nominee for the Jarrett Lee Award sponsored by the GM Government Bailout Program. This is a no-brainer and Oregon's LeGarrette Blount not only played like it was his first game and by the way he ran his mouth leading up to the game, but the sucker punch and then his take on the entire Boise State world has potentially cost his team any chance of winning the PAC10 title (as if USC isn't going to win it.) Honorable mention was almost given to Coach Jim Tressel for not kicking that field goal and getting stuffed on 4th down. However, Navy is Navy and will never complete a pass when it counts.