Two Daves Pick The SEC

October 17, 2009

Welcome to Two Daves Pick The SEC! Midway through the 2009 season, it's clear that Alabama and Florida will play for the SEC Championship and one of them will play in the BCS Championship game. Below the top shelf, there's still LSU, Auburn, and South Carolina. Georgia has to be the disappointment of the 2009 season.

Tuesday will mark the 32nd anniversary of the tragic plane crash that almost killed the Lynyrd Skynyrd band. Lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, backup singer Cassie Gaines (Steve's sister), and road manager Dean Kilpatick were all cut down just as the band had found new magic with the addition of Steve Gaines as the third guitarist, replacing Ed King. I say amost killed as the band is still touring today. Guitarist Gary Rossington is the only member of today's band that was there before the plane crash. The other touring original, pianist Billy Powell, died in January from heart failure. In an age filled with one hit wonders, you just don't see musicians that put in the effort that the Skynyrd boys have over the decades. It's been 35 years since Sweet Home Alabama was recorded, and I can't think of one song written today that will be remotely close in popularity. After all, what song is it you wanna hear?

Doug says:

Last week was a tough one for yours truly. After building a sterling won/loss record on picks, my calculator let me down and I went 3-4 last week. To be fair, few expected Tennessee and Arkansas to do what they did, or for Vanderbilt to choke against Army. But, such is life in the SEC. This year, more than ever, the league is the toughest, top to bottom, in the land. On any given week, you may get beat by anyone. It's not so good if you're trying to pick winners, but if you're a fan of the league, you gotta love it. This week's slate is not as impressive, but I'm giving the calculator the week off anyway.

Georgia at Vanderbilt

Dave says:

Once upon a time, Georgia could chalk this up as a win in July. Today, the Bulldogs look like their Mississippi State brethren of 2008, playing sloppy and unproductive football. When you make Jonathan Crompton the SEC offensive player of the week, you have clearly sucked more than Monica Lewinsky. The Mark Richt death watch officially kicked off last weekend, as many Dawg fans are calling for changes at the top.

Speaking of Vanderbilt, they've regained control of the Crappiest Team in the SEC title. Good God, losing to Army? LOSING TO ARMY? Pathetic. The suck factor will be so bad in Nashville this weekend that a vortex will form, possibly consuming both teams.

Georgia 14

Vanderbilt 13

Doug says:

My goodness, Vanderbilt sucks. Potential saving grace for the Commodores: Georgia's QB, Joe Cox, hasn't won a day game all year. He plays well at night but wilts in the sun. I don't think that matters this week, though. Look for the Dawgs, fresh off a humiliating loss to Tennessee, to take their frustrations out on a Commodore team that has inexplicably taken three steps backward this year.

Whipped Dawgs 24

Easy Like Sunday Morning 10

Mississippi State at Middle Tennessee State

Dave says:

13 turnovers in their last three games; that's Mississippi State football. As you would expect, the Dawgs are 0-3 in those games. MTSU is excited to host its first ever game against an SEC foe. This game will tell us a great deal about Dan Mullen's coaching ability. Will State assume the fetal position, or come out swinging? I think the Dawgs come out swinging and will put one away for a change.

Mithipppi State 27


Doug says:

How does an SEC school go on the road to play a team like MTSU? Granted, State is barely an SEC school, but you get the drift. The Bulldogs got the shaft last week and would've beaten Houston with a decent set of referees. That bunch that called last week's game would actually make the worst SEC crew look competent. I watched MTSU play Troy earlier in the year and they looked terrible. On top of that, three of their better players are being held down by the man this week after participating in some extracurricular activities of a nefarious nature. State SHOULD roll, but we are talking about Mississippi State, after all.

Tupelo Suburb 31

Nashville Suburb 24

UAB at Ole Miss

Dave says:

Ole Miss got whipped by Alabama, and were it not for a solid defensive performance by the Rebels, that game would've been exceptionally ugly. Jevan Snead, I understand why Mack Brown picked Colt over you. Jevan can thank the patented Sports Illustrated Kiss of Death for his woes. Ole Miss should win this game.

Ole Miss 24

UAB 10

Doug says:

The Rebs have been a huge disappointment this year. Rumblings out of Oxford this week suggest that Jevan Snead may see some time on the bench. What ever will the Reb faithful do with all their Snead For Heisman bumper stickers? I gotta believe UAB is going to get destroyed in this game. Ole Miss has to show that they are better than they've played for their own mental state, and the mental state of their collective fan base. If they play poorly here, it doesn't bode well for their stretch run. That strange noise you're hearing is Arkansas fans snickering and saying, "told you".

The Mythical Colonel Reb 38

Puff The Magic Dragon 14

Arkansas at Florida

Dave says:

Arkansas skulldrug Auburn last weekend in Fayetteville. Bad news for the hogs, as they are playing a contender this weekend, not a pretender. Florida's defense suffocated LSU last weekend in Death Valley, at night, with LSU sporting white jerseys. If you can dominate a road game like Florida's defense did, imagine what they will do at home. Arkansas isn't going down without a fight; their offense is potent. We'll find out how good they are this weekend. See, I wrote about this game without saying his name.

Tebow, dammit, I said it 34

Pigz 13

Doug says:

Tim Tebow showed no ill effects from the brutal concussion he suffered against Kentucky. How do I know it was brutal? Because ESPN showed the replay of it 12,654,564 times last week. Meanwhile, Arkansas has suddenly shown that it's not the pushover everyone thought. They still have a few issues on defense, but they're as good as anyone in the conference on the offensive side. They'll have to be good this week.

Tebow Express 31

Air Hogs 20

Kentucky at Auburn

Dave says:

Auburn returns home after a 1-1 road trip including a win at Tennessee and an ass whippin' at Arkansas. Kentucky lost a must win game at South Carolina. Does Gene Chizik get his Tigers back on the winning track? Hey, they are one win from bowl eligibility. Does Kentucky pull the upset? I don't think so, Gus. I expect Auburn to get back on track this weekend.

Auburn 34

Kentucky 17

Doug says:

Well, Auburn sure returned to earth last week. They were due for a letdown at some point, but I didn't see it happening there. Kentucky showed that they're no pushover themselves before falling just short against South Carolina. This one has the potential to be tight, but I think Malzahn the mad genius will draw up enough plays in the dirt to get it done.

War Tigers 31

Mildcats 21

South Carolina at Alabama

Dave says:

The Red Elephants stomped Colonel Rebel into the ground in Oxford. Alabama looked impressive in all phases of the game and I don't know that there is a team playing better football in the nation. Most coaches and media agree as Alabama jumped over Texas into second place in the polls. The Ol' Ball Coach would love to pull off this upset, but it ain't gonna happen. Nick Saban will sacrifice the chickens on his march to Atlanta. The one thing USC has going for them is Ellis Johnson, a former UAT assistant. He puts a solid defense on the field every game, but the hammer of Mark Ingram will eventually break that defense.

Alabama 27

USC 13

Doug says:

It took him long enough, but the OBC is starting to put a product on the field that we expected of him. Unfortunately for him, he's got to scheme up something to beat Alabama, a team playing as well or better than any team in the country. The Tide methodically took care of business against Ole Miss last week, and will probably do the same against the Cocks. When they ultimately play Florida, they'll need to figure out how to get the ball in the endzone, but for right now, field goals are all they need to supplement their defense.

Big Ol' Hairy Tide 20

Cackolackey 10

Last week:

Dave (4-3)

Doug (3-4)


Dave (41-

Doug (40-9)