Two Daves Pick The SEC

November 14, 2009

Welcome to Two Daves Pick The SEC! I suppose that Urban Meyer is really glad that Lane Kiffin stole Nu'Keese Richardson from him. Three Tennessee true freshmen, including Richardson, were arrested on armed robbery charges, and they had some pot with them as well. That speaks volumes to what Kiffin is recruiting into UT. You can't spell thugs without UT!

Doug says:

It's a big college football weekend for some teams, while others are just glad to line up and play a game, and get out of the mid-week headlines. The Tennessee program is catching a black eye after three players were arrested and charged with armed robbery with - get this - a pellet gun. The nefarious activity took place in a high-visibility location, and the players, dressed in their "impossible is nothing" Adidas UT gear, attempted to make their hasty getaway in a Toyota Prius. Lane Kiffin will suspend each player for 1 quarter for the criminal activity, and for the rest of the season for being majestically stupid.

Meanwhile, in Oxford, the outrage is going viral after the administration has decided that the band shouldn't play From Dixie With Love because it encourages the students to chant "The South Will Rise Again". There are rumors of Klan marches coming soon. A video of an Ole Miss student hit youtube yesterday, in which he satisfies every old-south stereotype you've ever heard in a span of 30 seconds. It's embarrassing for the school, the good folks that attend there, and the whole state. Meanwhile, under the radar, Greg Hardy has broken his wrist and is out for the year, which is a huge loss for the Rebel football team.

Tennessee at Mississippi

Dave says:

Colonel Rebel is crying. If you need a laugh, go search for that on youtube; it's a classic. Dr. Jekyl Mr. Snead will face Eric Berry, one of the premier defensive backs in the nation. Berry is a great player, don't get me wrong, but Monte Kiffin is why Tennessee's defense can be dominating at times. The offense has resorted to pellet guns to dominate and that experiment failed miserably. I keep thinking Jonathon Crompton is gonna fall flat on his face, and he keeps playing well. If Tennessee can stop the super speedy Dexter McCluster, they win this game easily.

Tennessee 24

Ole Miss 17

Doug says:

As I mentioned earlier, both of these teams are just glad to be playing football. Tennessee's criminal activity could have significant impact on the defense, as Jantzen Jackson, one of the alleged troublemakers, has been a major contributor. The other two won't be much of a loss. Losing Hardy will be a big loss for an Ole Miss team who must get pressure on rapidly-improving Jonathan Crompton to be successful. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop for the Rebs: they've been underachieving all year, but they've got to get it together at some point, right? Looking at this from a high level, its the tale of two teams: one of them gelling and improving as the year progresses, and one of them just trying to gain bowl eligibility after being ranked #4 in the country at one point. The million-dollar question is how in the world Ole Miss is a four point favorite in this game.

Cant Spell Pellet Gun without UT 27

The South Will Rise Again 20

Kentucky at Vanderbilt

Dave says:

This game looked like it meant something in August. Little did we know that Vanderbilt would suck so mightily. From bowl champion to toilet bowl, the story of Vanderbilt football. Kentucky has played very well at times, winning at Auburn. The Cats should not have any trouble dispatching the Commodores. Vandy did hang well with Georgia Tech for three quarters, unfortunately, the games lasts four.

Kentucky 27

Vanderbilt 17

Doug says:

This was the match-up the powers-at-be dreamed of when the SEC signed their TV deal and announced that all games would be televised on the SEC Network. Smell those ratings! The Mississippi State loss was a setback for Kentucky, since they were really lined up for a bigger-tiered bowl. If they lose to Vanderbilt, their bowl game should be the least of their worries. I know they've had injuries, but there's no reason the Commodores should have fallen so far this year. Could Bobby Johnson be on the hot seat? Does anyone even care?

John Calipari 31

Kevin Stallings 10

Florida at South Carolina

Dave says:

The Ol Ball Coach sees his Florida Gators come in to play his Gamecocks. Spurrier loves UF 364 days a year, but on this day, he will hate them like everyone else. Florida will see eye gouger Brandon Spikes back from his suspension. South Carolina has such inconsistent play from Garcia, I just do not seem them racking up points against a solid Florida defense. Ellis Johnson will slow Tim Tebow down, but that will not stop the outcome: TheGators chomp off the cocks!

Chomp 27

OUCH!! 13

Doug says:

Early on, I thought Coach Spurrier had finally taken the step we've all been waiting for him to take with the Gamecocks. Upon further review, nah, not so much. The storyline of Spurrier against his old team is still compelling enough for CBS to pick the game up, but I don't expect this one to be much of a thriller. Carolina's pass rush, combined with Florida's suspect offensive line, will probably keep things interesting for a while. In the end, I don't see Carolina being able to consistently move the ball. One thing I will say about Spurrier: the old fire is back. He was

spiking hats and headsets last week like it was 1996.

Jorts 28

Cackolackey 14

Alabama at Mississippi State

Dave says:

Mississippi State, for the most part, has given Bama a tight game for the last several years, winning about half of the last dozen games. Oddly enough, this series is Alabama's longest against any SEC opponent, 93 years. War Beagles??

The matchup that doesn't matter here is Anthony Dixon, the 8th leading rusher in the nation, versus Mark Ingram, the 5th leading rusher in the nation. Both of these guys are great backs, Dixon is more of a bruiser that wears you down, where Ingram has better quickness that equally wears you out.

I fully expect another heartbreaking loss for the Dawgs. We can only hope it's because the better team wins on the field, as LSU did against State, and not because of the officials, as in State versus Houston and Florida. Alabama is blessed, they do not get game changing calls made against them, ever. They are enrolled in the Mike Slive protection plan, and they, like Florida, will not be allowed to lose a game before the SEC Championship game. If you believe that LSU didn't get screwed by the refs, you are a Bama fan or a Mike Slive relative.

Alabama 24

Mississippi State 17

Doug says:

If you don't think State has a chance to win this game, you may be in for a surprise. Long odds, sure, but consider this: MSU-Alabama is historically a slugfest, they've played .500 ball against each other over the last 14 or so years, and they match up well. The stadium will be full and rabid, the cowbells will be loud, and the intensity will be sky-high. I still think Bama will win the way they've done it all year: a slow,

methodical, forceful imposition of their will. They threw the ball more against LSU than I expected, but I look for Ingram to see the ball early and often this week. MSU will counter with Anthony Dixon, who's every bit as good as Ingram, but I don't think he'll have as much success against that beastly Tide defense. Alabama is coming off an emotional victory that clinched the SEC West, so they could be flat. If that happens, look out. The wildcard here is the officiating crew, who will make sure all questionable, and some blatantly incorrect calls go the way of the Tide, as Mike Slive continues to preserve "the best interests of the conference."

Mullets 24

Tractors 21

Louisiana Tech at LSU

Dave says:

LSU returns to the friendly confines of Tiger Stadium after being raped by SEC officials. Alabama was the better team, let me be clear on that. The fact that the

officials screwed LSU blind taints that win. Had the Patrick Petersen pick been called correctly, who knows what may have happened. The problem for Lester is that his team is pretty banged up. Louisiana Tech will be motivated to win some respect in Louisiana. RESPECH LATECH!! Who knows, Jarret Lee might throw a couple of pick sixes and Tech could win.



Doug says:

The Tigers need this game to lick their wounds from last week. Its hard enough to beat Alabama 11-11. When its 18-11, it's next to impossible. It is criminal what the officiating crew did to the coonasses last week. I can't understand, for the life of me, how the SEC can keep doing this to teams. Expect Mike Slive to announce a new policy to start fining and/or suspending ESPN commentators who criticize SEC officiating. The SEC commercials they air during the games should speak the truth: "We at the SEC believe in treating the symptoms, and not the problem. Our

institutions know their roles and keep their mouths shut, or else."

Big Coonasses 31

Little Coonasses 14

Auburn at Georgia

Dave says:

This is usually a huge rivalry game, Georgia and Auburn love to hate each other. Auburn is a good football team and Georgia is not. Then again, Georgia did win at Arkansas while Auburn got skulldrug. Who knows what will happen. I think it will either be a very close game or Auburn will skulldrag Georgia. I wonder what Bubb's lil sis is doing these days, she had a big ol crush on David Greene.

Auburn 27

Jawga 24

Doug says:

This game just doesn't have the luster it normally does. Georgia is shockingly mediocre this year, and Auburn is up and down. I don't know which way to go in this one. Georgia is the home team, and they're playing at night, two big plusses for the Dawgs. Auburn's Gus Malzahn scheming against the porous UGA defense is a big plus for Auburn. When in doubt, go with the home team.

Hairy Dawgs 31

War Tigers 30

Troy at Arkansas

Dave says:

Arkansas should stroll through this game, right? Not so fast my fine feathered friends! Troy is loaded with academically non-qualifying SEC players, they have the talent and solid coaching. The Pigs just have some kind of mystical power in games played in the state of Arkansas. Their offense can also rack up points when hitting on all cylinders.


Umba Eeba Ooba Ooba Umba 13

Doug says:

This one is much easier to pick, although Troy isn't exactly a pushover. Expect this one to be tight early, before the Hogs eventually pull away late. Arkansas may be looking ahead to next week to their match-up with Mississippi State in a battle of teams teetering at the edge of bowl eligibility, but that shouldn't matter.

Men of Wal-Mart 38

Men of Troy 17

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