I know we did "websites you check every day" not too long ago, but this is a little different. For those of us that feel like we have reached the end of the internet, it might be good to check out some new sites. I hope this will be a good archive of websites with great deals, great how-to websites, etc.

I will get the obvious selections out of the way: Sixpackspeak.com, ESPN.com, Genespage.com, bulldawgjunction.com, MStateAthletics.com, clarionledger.com

Here are some of mine:
sporcle.com - for wasting time
wolframalpha.com - hard to explain this site, but it is pretty cool
kayak.com - for flights
My fantasy baseball sites - fangraphs.com, mlbtraderumors.com, razzball.com, rototimes.com, cbssportsline.com
monoprice.com - never buy HDMI cables (or any other electronics cables) anywhere else for the rest of your life