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Thread: Mule Bowl

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    Mule Bowl

    Well, flaps back up as I zoom back out tonight for a quick return to Vegas Acres.

    Just left the shit at Eckie's Pond hidden in some bushes to use again.

    Before I go, let's take a shot at a prediction.

    I said if State blew out Memphis, I'd have to re-evaluate my predictions.

    I will now say 6-6 on the year. Still have a nagging feeling that the schedule is still too tough.

    As for this week.........

    The Hired Mule looked pretty damn good. He will be a hell of a challenge to stop.

    Aubbie's D looked a little soft.

    It should be a good one, but I still think Aubbie has a little more something than we do.

    We will need a few breaks to offset that little more something.

    Sin City says anywhere from a 1.5 to 3 pt spread.

    I thought after Sat. it would be about 8-10.

    Going with my gut........

    I say AU 31 State 21

    In Honor Of Our Visitors......

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    Mule Bowl

    Glad to have you back Saddawg, missed the Coochees and your wit and banter
    Hernando, MS. says go DAWGS!

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    Mule Bowl

    Your telling me you are seriously going to give auburn 10.....10? C'mon man. Arkansas St. hung 26 on them. Gimme 34-31 State wins on a helluva a defense.

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    Mule Bowl

    Oh and by the way. If you are gonna give 10 I have a hot little Montecristo #2 that has been soaking in my humidor for quite some time I will wager on that spread.

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