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    Two Daves Pick The SEC - September 25, 2010

    Two Daves Pick the SEC
    September 25, 2010

    Welcome to Two Daves Pick the SEC! As we close out September, we are
    starting to get some really good matchups in the SEC. Two of the best
    freshmen running backs in the nation face off at Auburn, The Tide rolls in
    to face a good Arkansas team. There will not be any good games in
    Mississippi, unless you are the visiting team.

    Doug says:

    Are we having some fun now, or what? The season is now in full swing with
    numerous compelling matchups, and more clarity around who the real
    contenders are, and who the pretenders are. Congrats to the Geeks from
    Nashville who won an SEC game on the road by two touchdowns for the first
    time in gosh, who knows how long?
    The prevailing theme across the country right now is that the SEC is down.
    Sure, Bama is number one, but the drop off after that is precipitous,
    according to the talking heads. Blah, blah, Big Ten, blah, blah, Pac 10,
    blah, blah, Big 12. My opinion is that the conference is as strong as ever,
    top to bottom. Well, top to ten. Neither Ole Miss nor Vanderbilt is strong
    by any measure of the word, unless you┬╣re comparing them to each other.

    Alabama at Arkansas


    Speaking of skulldragging, Alabama redefined bitchslap last weekend at Duke.
    The Tide had its way early and often with Koach Kutkliffe┬╣s Krew. Now comes
    a real test for the Tide, an offense that can throw and catch the ball very
    well, which goes directly against the one weakness Alabama has: the
    secondary. Arkansas in a win? Not so fast my fine feathered friends.

    The real offensive juggernaut in this matchup is Alabama. The Tide is an
    offensive juggernaut (I still cannot believe this) and can mix the run and
    pass together very well. The defense, while not at last year┬╣s level, is
    still very good and will only get better as the season goes on. Arkansas┬╣
    defense will struggle being pounded on for four quarters.

    Alabama 31 ┬* Arkansas 27


    I didn┬╣t think Arkansas was quite ready for prime time, but they proved me
    wrong by beating Georgia last week. But did they really prove me wrong? I
    think they┬╣re awfully one-dimensional, even if that one dimension is pretty
    danged good. The thing is, Alabama will exploit that. We all know Arkansas
    struggles a bit on the defensive side, which means they┬╣ll have to match
    Bama point for point offensively. That ain┬╣t happening against Alabama┬╣s
    defense. Even in Northwest Arkansas.
    Tide 38 ┬* Sooie 17

    Kentucky at Florida

    Everyone expected Florida to be undefeated at this point in the season. I
    doubt many expected Kentucky to be as well. Florida is clearly suffering
    from PTSD, that┬╣s Post Tebow Scoring Dysfunction. Joker Phillips is doing a
    fine job as Kentucky┬╣s new coach, and he faces his first test in an SEC game
    in one of the toughest venues in the country, The Swamp.

    Florida looks beatable and they are going to lose to someone they should not
    lose to. It┬╣s likely going to be Kentucky, Georgia or Mississippi State.
    This one will be close.

    Florida 27 ┬* Kentucky 24


    Kentucky is undefeated, but then again, Kentucky has played nobody. Florida
    is undefeated, but then again, Florida has played nobody (sorry, UT fans).
    This game will probably be a little nerve-wracking for Florida fans for a
    quarter or two before Florida goes ahead and pulls away. Maybe the Mildcats
    will leave Gainesville with a moral victory in their back pocket.

    Gators 31 ┬* Gatorbait 21

    South Carolina at Auburn

    The War Beagles looked cooked against Clempson last weekend, only to stage
    its own furious comeback win. South Carolina didn┬╣t look quite as sharp
    against Furman as I expected. The AKC can deny it, but they were looking
    forward to this game, and for good reason. The winner of this game takes a
    big step toward reaching Atlanta, the loser will look back at this game and
    say ┬│if we had won that one┬▓.

    Gus Malzhan versus Ellis Johnson is a no-brainer, the defensive mastermind
    wins this one. The test comes when the Ol┬╣ Ball Coach┬╣s boys go up against
    Gene Chizik, who knows something about defense as well. I really think this
    one will be very, very close. Someone will make a big play to win this game
    for their team.

    Lattimore 24 ┬* Dyer 23


    For my money, this is the game of the week. It may be the battle for the
    second-best team in the conference. Auburn is much better than they get
    credit for. South Carolina has already shown that they┬╣ve taken the next
    step, and they┬╣re already battle-tested in SEC play. Auburn impressively
    stared down adversity and came back to beat a game Clemson team last week.
    I expect this game to be a defensive battle. South Carolina will have a
    game plan in place to control Cam Newton. Auburn will key on sensational
    frosh Marcus Lattimore. This one will be fun.

    War Tigers 21 ┬* Cackolackey 20

    Georgia at Mississippi State


    Mississippi State is the elixir for whatever ails LSU. No matter what is
    wrong with the Tigers, playing the Bulldogs just makes things better. LSU
    skulldrug Mississippi State in Red Stick last weekend, giving Jordan
    Jefferson some much-needed confidence. Meanwhile, in Athens, Jawga┬╣s
    furious comeback attempt was shot down by Ryan Mallet┬╣s late touchdown pass
    to secure the Pigz win.

    What does all of this mean? It┬╣s dawgie style in Starkville, the only
    question is which dawgs will be on top. Both teams enter this game 1-2
    overall and 0-2 in the SEC. A loss here pretty much kills the season. I
    don┬╣t think that Mark Richt has ever lost three games in a row. I know Dan
    Mullen has, and will do it again.

    G┬╣s up 24 ┬* M┬╣s down 17


    If Dan Mullen looked in the mirror right now, he┬╣d see Mark Richt. That┬╣s
    how similar these two football teams are right now. Both are 0-2 in
    conference after playing difficult early schedules. Both are competitive
    but just can┬╣t get over that hump. Both have a bit of an identity crisis at
    this point. Both are in must-win situations if they want to salvage
    anything this season. I think the most likely team to get over the hump
    this week is Georgia, just because they have players who┬╣ve been there. But
    my gut is telling me that the Starkville-based Bulldogs is going to get it
    done. Georgia has the better offense, but State has the better defense.
    We┬╣ll have to see how it plays out.

    Western Dawgs 17 ┬* Eastern Dawgs 16

    UAB at Tennessee


    I┬╣m sure that Derek Dooley is thankful to have this game come along after
    facing a tough stretch against Oregon and Florida. The Vols get a
    much-needed win.
    Tennessee 34 ┬* UAB 13


    Tennessee has a long way to go. Getting a C-USA foe will help their current
    fragile state. However, don┬╣t sleep on these Blazers. They have a QB who
    has the ability to sling it all over the field. The Vols may need to score
    a lot of points to secure the win here. But they should prevail. It┬╣s not
    like they┬╣re playing Jacksonville State or anything.

    Rocky Top 38 ┬* Puff The Magic Dragon 20

    Fresno State at Mississippi


    Vanderbilt. At home. Really? Jeremiah Masoli isn┬╣t Houston Nutt┬╣s biggest
    problem. Running out of Ed Orgeron┬╣s talent is what plagues Nutt. Orgeron
    cannot coach or speak English, but the man can recruit. Things aren┬╣t going
    to be much better for Rebel fans this weekend. Things will get much worse
    in Oxford before they get better.

    Fresno State 27 ┬* Mississippi 21


    I just have to laugh. I know it┬╣s not the nice thing to do. But it┬╣s just
    funny. Take the craziest coach in the league, add the most delusional
    fanbase in college football. Sprinkle in a sense of entitlement that
    they┬╣ve neither earned nor deserve. Then, give them a modicum of success.
    Now add a Heisman caliber QB, obtained through nefarious circumstances.
    Then, pull the rug out from under them, and sit back and enjoy the hilarity
    that ensues. This would be a great plot for a comedy movie. Maybe Sandra
    Bullock is available.

    West Coast Representin┬╣ 31 ┬* Last Place Representin┬╣ 20

    West Virginia at LSU


    The coonasses got their first home game of the season, and of course an easy
    win over Mississippi State. Note to Dan Mullen, don┬╣t get the ball near
    Patrick Peterson. If West Virginia doesn┬╣t bring their A game, they will be
    crushed. After all, they almost lost at Marshall. Red Stick is one of the
    greatest and most intimidating venues in all of college football,
    particularly at night. Even Lester cannot screw that up, he┬╣s 26-1 at LSU
    in night games.
    Make it 27 30 ┬* Deliverance 24


    I don┬╣t know what to think about LSU. Looking at the score, they dominated
    Mississippi State. But looking deeper, they were outgained in total offense
    and had less first downs than the Bullies. What if State didn┬╣t turn the
    ball over five times? West Virginia is undefeated and on a roll, but I
    truly don┬╣t think they┬╣re ready for the talent disparity they are about to
    face. The Tigahs should outclass the Mountaineers fairly easily from a
    talent standpoint. But gameday coaching is the great equalizer here. I
    still like LSU at home on a Saturday night. I will say this, however: a
    stadium full of moonshine-filled hillbillies and drunk, weasel-crazy
    coonasses will be must see television.

    Coonasses 27 ┬* Hillbillies 17


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    Two Daves Pick The SEC - September 25, 2010

    Has he never taken I-40 across the bridge?

    We have our share, like everyone else, but we don't come close to competing with the lunatics across the river.

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    Two Daves Pick The SEC - September 25, 2010


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    Two Daves Pick The SEC - September 25, 2010

    Probably not as big as Arkansas', but big nonetheless.

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