I've always had a thing for pirates since I was a kid. That's probably why I live where I do most of the time. It's also why I am probably a little off mentally, and live a life style that I do.

Pirates kinda chart their own course. They don't pay much attention to, or have much regard, for what other folks consider normal lifestyles.

I share my thing for pirates with a couple of well known folks. I've had the pleasure of meeting both.

Jimmy Buffet and Mike Leach.

I met Jimmy a long time back and only that once.

I met Coach Leach a few years back and , since we frequent some of the same harbors, quite a few times since. While we don't exchange cell numbers or Christmas cards, we do like talking boats and pirates.

If you remember the old blog, I made him the 1st Honorary member of my crew. He can become a full fledged member any time he wants.

Coach Leach has been hanging around the Keys a lot lately since he left Texas Tech. He flys out to do some TV games and radio stuff now a days.

One of those games was the State game last night.

I enjoyed him doing the game. Some complained about his monotone delivery, but that the way he talks all the time.

However, it is the most entertaining monotone in the world.

Seriously, the guy is a fascinating conversationalist. A great story teller.

Here's 60 Minutes Segment On Him

And Here Is A Great Group Of Quotes From Him

Earlier this month everybody called him a raving dumbass for saying Alabama was probably just a top 7 team.

Today they are 8th, so I guess he is nuts.

Coach said what he did because, like a good pirate he understands the odds. And the odds say Bama wouldn't repeat.

Ole Pat Dye and Gene Stallings went off on him. They said if he was so smart , why wasn't he coaching now.

Well, it damn sure wasn't for losing. Or breaking NCAA rules.

I respect Dye and Stallings as coaches. However, those two, especially Dye, damn sure shouldn't be casting any stones.

Come to think of it, those two are probably a lot more cut throat than The Good Pirate Leach.

Enjoy Leach in the booth this year because, unlike Stallings and Dye, he'll be plotting a course toward a sideline near you very soon.