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Thread: Homeward Bound

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    Homeward Bound

    Saddawg 1 is fueling up and going thru pre-flight. Should be rolling downing that runway in an hour and a half.

    After a couple of Bloody Charlie's, I hope to wake up high over Atlanta cruising to the Promised Land.

    Then a little after noon I hope to come down easy, cut the engines, and cool the wings at a place I also call home.

    Homecoming, indeed.

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    Homeward Bound

    Are you in this picture, SD?

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    Homeward Bound

    Yessir, I remember that photo very well. I believe that one was in a certain gentleman's mag back in the day. I was attending at the time but for some reason I think you may have been even more involved and closer to the situation than I was. Happy travels my friend. Haven't seen that pic in years and years but remember it well. Thanks for that memory. As Gary P. Nunn said "Gotta put myself back in that place." Good luck to you and to the team. Really enjoying this season so far.

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    Homeward Bound

    After looking back at that pic and seeing the Playboy tag at the bottom left, I can't help but be amazed that I called that. I guess I just was distracted by something and didn't see the whole pic. Man, I am AWESOME!

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    Homeward Bound

    Is #10 dude wearing a pair of Mississippi state bulldog spandex?

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    Homeward Bound

    never noticed that before. Good find.

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    Homeward Bound

    standing behind the Eli look-a-like in the #10 wife-beater. SD if you know that guy let me know, I'm sure we have some good stories to trade...

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