I can't believe some were pissed after the game last week.

Hey, who gives a shit about style points? I'm a win man myself, anyway I can get it. I could care less how, as long as we do it.


Because I'm a damn State fan. Roll with the currents people. Enjoy this trip and where ever it may take us.

We don't get this ride very often.

I'll be back in the 'Vegas this Saturday. And if we win, no matter how or what it looks like, I'm going to keep on enjoying the ride.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm getting one of those feelings I only get a couple of times during football seasons..................

I'm calling it, the Bears come out of hibernation and beat Auburn this week.

I hope I'm ridiculed beyond belief for being wrong.

Here's some stuff I found bottom dragging around the web......................

LSU Freek

Now this was interesting. According to this, State has only had opposing offenses snap the ball against them 261 times. Teams have scored 6 td's against us. Can you say ball control and good D?
Ole Miss has good ball control too, but the D doesn't help out. Therefore 6 wins for us, 3 for them.

Roll Bama Roll's weekly meltdown.

Good Fan Pics from the weekend