I've taken my protein pills and put my helmet on.

I'm ready to boom down the runway, but, as usual, I'm waiting on my co-piolt.

Fatback will be in the number 2 chair today and he is drag assing around getting here.

I tried to get the Fool to make his first ever trip to S'Vegas but he said he had no wish to be trapped in a place with 60,000 bleeding inbreds of whom he would call inbreds, thereby causing fisty cuffs and a trip to a place all Europeans are taught since childhood that is worse than hell...... a Mississippi pokey.

He has seen Cool Hand Luke and it has damaged him.

Fatback is as worthless as the Fool, but he is at least a little less likely to go to the hoosegow.

Slightly less.

But the little bastard is late and is fixing to get his sorry, maggot ass left behind.

Before he gets here and we take off, here's a little In Honor Of Our Visitors.............................