Good Sunday 6-Packers!

Obviously this is not a very jubilant “talk” today because of the defeat in the plains that my Tigers received from the Auburn Newtons. The better team won yesterday and in my opinion, Cam Newton wrapped up the Heisman. Of course, the Stallion could have done without the “Look at Me! I’m Cam Newton, the Savior!” celebration that was put on in the stands beginning with 35 seconds left to go in the game. For a second there, one may think that Newton was being recognized for having the cure for cancer. After that presentation, the Stallion can’t wait for somebody to light up Newton going up the middle because of that unclassy move, but maybe that was just me being bitter at that moment. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to happen until he gets to the NFL, because he is just filthy and unstoppable on the collegiate level. He’s Vince Young, Tim Tebow, and Trent Richardson all wrapped up in one and that’s a scary thought. He’s only going to get better, and the players around him will only keep getting better as more teams will try to figure out a way to stop the one-man wrecking crew.

On the other side of the ball, the Stallion felt that LSU came out with a good game plan offensively and got away from it time and time again. LSU was consistently running the ball with Ridley, and even Jefferson had a decent running game especially in the first half. It seemed to keep Auburn off-balanced, but so many times Crowton outcoaches himself and calls ridiculous pass plays when they just are not necessary. Of the ones that may have worked, dropped passes were killing the Tigers. In the second half, I have to give Auburn’s defensive line a lot of credit, especially Fairley who in my opinion is the best defensive lineman in the conference. But again, the lack of discipline by Wade Phillips Miles was evident after a critical 4th down timeout when they couldn’t even get the right personnel on the field. You can only imagine the smoke coming out of Stallion’s ears on that one. It is time to make a change at LSU, by getting an offensive coordinator in here that can get a handle the ebb and flow of the offense much the same way that the defense has right now. Gus Malzahn would be a role model for any offensive coordinator to follow.

As far as the rest of the SEC goes, congratulations to the Mississippi State Bulldogs for becoming bowl-bound yesterday. You along with Baylor have done the unthinkable and put up 6 wins prior to November. The Stallion agrees with the Godfather that it was a flat performance and a hangover from the Florida game, but those are the games that separate the good teams from the elite. The Dawgs dodged a bullet on Saturday night.

The other Dawgs in the SEC have come to life since the return of AJ Green. They need a lot of help from the rest of the division to hand South Carolina a couple of losses, and the Stallion doesn’t think that will happen. However, Richt can be taken off life support in a positive manner now, because he’s recovering nicely now that his star is back.

On another note, have you ever seen a year where the SEC looks more like the PAC-10 defensively than a typical SEC defense. The offenses are way ahead of the defenses (unless you are playing LSU), and it has made for some exciting football this year.

And to end the introduction on a strong factual note, the Black Bears are still winless as Black Bears.

Now for Week 7’s rankings:

Auburn – The cream recipe called for a twist this week, because of the domination of two players – Cam Newton, offensively and Nick Fairley, defensively. Even Bama now looks like they will be having a hard time stopping these two guys. The Stallion doesn’t see it happening for the Tide this year.

2) Alabama – Shaky start in Rocky Top, turns into massacre in the land of puke orange.

3) LSU – Defense was humbled. Offense remained disgraceful. Coaching remained illogical.

4) South Carolina – Even Lattimore-less, you can handle Vandy. Unfortunately, there won’t be any Gladiator references for the Spaniard this week.

5) Arkansas – Mallett and Co. is just too much offensively to keep them out of the top 5.

6) Miss. State – Avoided a meltdown of epic proportions in Starkville due to making a huge play on a kickoff return in the waning minutes. Let’s hope that’s just a look-ahead performance and not a representative one.

7) Georgia – Keeps on truckin’ ahead with a date in Jacksonville looming next weekend.

Florida - Urban checked in to the hospital this weekend during his open date only to find out he’s having a baby. The nausea from the Miss. St. game can now be explained.

9) Kentucky – Offensively, they are dangerous. Defensively…do they have one?

10) Ole Miss – I think we can honestly say that Masoli was not worth the trouble for this season’s output.

Tennessee – I now figured out why Saban thought so highly of Dooley. He knows that there will be a guaranteed victory for Alabama every year against Tennessee.

Vanderbilt – The Stallion is speechless. Just because I just don’t care.

Hot Boudin – Cam Newton War Eagles – That 49-yd TD alone got him the award. Simply amazing.

Cold Couscous – Kentucky is deserving of the award. The Bluegrass boys had the opportunity to make a run but as typical in college football, the emotional roller coaster is hard to keep steady to win big game after big game.