My fellow SEC brethrens!

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the Cream Crystal Ball! The Stallion felt both SEC upsets in Week 6’s Cream Talk and with further adieu, David beat Goliath. Screech beat Slater. Mr. Nasty Ken Massey beat Hulk Hogan. Black Bear defeats Colonel Reb. Dawgstudent beat Gene. You get the point. Has there ever been a time where the Eastern division looked so feeble? Could there really be a 3-loss team in the SEC Championship? The Stallion seems to think it’s highly likely.

And the Stallion was simply mesmerized by SuperCam in yesterday’s marquee PAC-10…I mean SEC… matchup. There is no doubt that Auburn is a national championship contender offensively as long as Mr. Everything avoids injury. He is by far the Heisman front-runner after yesterday’s performance. But you really have to ask yourself, is Arkansas’s defense really that bad? Heck, is Auburn’s defense really that bad? The Stallion said it in his preseason Cream Talk, and that could make Auburn more BCS National Championship pretenders than contenders. Nevertheless, State fans should be thrilled about their defensive performance against Cam by holding him to a season low 17 points. Now that Cam is a few week’s matured, will he be as devastating against the Stallion’s beloved Tiiigaaahhhs as he was this past weekend. The Stallion is stoked to find out.

Speaking of the Tiiigaaahhhs, please play like you are a top 10 team. My “Sit Jefferson’s ass on the bench” campaign continues for Les Miles. What team is he watching? When McNeese State makes you look bad, then you aren’t a good SEC QB. Speaking of McNeese State, did you know that all of their players’ last names are McNeese? The Stallion couldn’t believe it when he saw their jerseys.

And what a difference two weeks makes for the once invincible Alabama Crimson Tide. Last week they get dominated by South Carolina and last night at home, Saban’s boys looked average at best. Yes, they took care of business, but they look like a team that is desperate for a bye week. The once – given Cream of the SEC is no longer gelling. Who knows? Maybe it was just an inspirational performance by the Ole Miss Yogi’s.

And now for Week 7’s rankings:

Alabama – The Stallion has never been more tempted to bring the Tide down from the top. You can thank the lack of War Eagle defense and a dumb 2-QB system from preventing you from falling.

2) Auburn – It’s hard to keep Auburn down when they have Cameron Newton, the 2010 Heisman winner on your team. He’s a bigger faster Tebow, which is scary for the rest of the SEC. And when you have the refs on your side, you are that much more invincible.

3) LSU – As painful as it was to drop the Tigers, until Les gets it through that mushy grey matter called his brain, Jordan Jefferson is killing you. It doesn’t matter the team, the guy hasn’t taken LSU on a scoring drive since that lucky ass 85 yd run on the first play of the Tennessee game. Go with Jarrett Lee. It will improve your Cream chances. Guaranteed.

4) South Carolina – Classic letdown game. The Stallion has seen it so many times. It made me think back to the Kevin Faulk years when LSU beat No. 1 Spurrier and laid an egg against Tubby’s Ole Miss team in Baton Rouge the following week. South Carolina is a decent team. Spurrier’s horrible play calling at the end was like the emperor stabbing the Spaniard in the side before his last fight. I guess what I’m saying is that Spurrier was the Emperor from Gladiator last night.

5) Mississippi State – If you sent down and truly think about this year, Mississippi State’s two losses were a nail-biter dropped passes loss against Auburn, and their annual blood bath against LSU. Having said that, Mississippi State has a legitimate defense that will keep them in every game and an offense that has a strong running game. I like State to win 8 to 9 games this year based on what I’m seeing. That’s like a national championship in Starkville. Good news is you have Kentucky at home, UAB, and Ole Miss as wins that State SHOULD win. Based on this cream ranking, Arkansas better be the team that the media darlings would make as the upset.

6) Arkansas – Did you really just give up 65 points as a top 12 team?

7) Georgia – Wow, is this the same team that was in disarray leaving Boulder, Colorado two weekends ago? They appear to be potentially the best team in the East with AJ Green back but it will take a miracle for them to make it to Atlanta.

Florida - The Stallion is starting to think Urban is not so classy. When you win everyone looks good. What makes a man is how you handle defeat. Urban is a pompous you know what.

9) Kentucky – Finally breaks through on the bluegrass catching the Gamecocks in a vulnerably high position. Great comeback!!!

10) Ole Miss – The Black Bear era begins a predictable 0-1. The Stallion admits though that the Rebel Black Bears got the royal screwing on the onside kick that may have changed the complexion of the game some. However, the Stallion doesn’t think it would have mattered.

Tennessee – Spent the weekend seeing therapists after two dismal weekends prior to this one.

Vanderbilt – That’s the Vandy we’ve come to know and love over the past 50 years

Hot Boudin – The boudin was split down the middle for Kentucky and Miss. State and a small piece for the Stallion. It’s not often the Stallion calls for two upsets in the same weekend, but you made me proud. Great efforts by the little men.

Cold Couscous – South Carolina with an honorable mention to Arkansas. “To be the man, you have to beat the man”. The wise words of Ric Flair make a lot of sense here. South Carolina was the man, but to be the man, you have to be ready to play every week and you weren’t. That falls back on the Ole Ball Coach. Arky giving up 65 is just ridiculous. I don’t care how good Super Cam is, tackle someone for heaven’s sake. It did make for an entertaining game though.