Hello Six Packers!

Just when you think the cream is beginning to separate, it seems to get closer together. Stallion looks deep into the Cream Crystal ball this week only to see that Bama isn’t as invincible as college football fans think. And just maybe, having to play a number ofteams coming off of a bye week will come back to haunt the boys from Tuscaloosa and their run to repeat. But as one famous Rudy Tomjanovich said, “Never underestimate the heart of a champion,” the Tide has proven that they will not go down without a fight.

And then, there’s Stallion’s beloved Tiiigaaahhhs. The PP7 for Heisman campaign begins today on Cream Talk. This one guy could be putting an entire Tiger nation on his back. He is electric. He is instant offense. He makes the defense that much better. He’s one of the most impact players in the country, and by far one of the most dynamic players that LSU has had in decades. So much so that LSU is winning with Wade Phillips Miles as a coach and a QB that is becoming as loved as President Obama at a Sarah Palin fundraiser.

And dare we say it, those Mississippi State Bulldogs are eyeing postseason play with a huuuuge victory over Athens High. Dare the Stallion references the other bulldog school as the high school.

Of course, Kentucky rising up the charts last week was only by default, and as expected, they should stick with basketball. Wildcat is always an ingredient in Gator soup.

To finish week 4’s recap, Chewbacca Newton and the Auburn War Eagles, continue to edge out the competition and the Spaniard finally goes down. Makes you wonder if Gene Cheesestick stabbed him in the side before the War Eagle circled the stadium. We will never know.

And now for this week’s rankings:

Alabama – Run Ingram Run. Run Richardson Run. It’s not real complicated, is it?

LSU – Defense wins championships, but can they score? Have mercy!!! May be the weakest offense at No. 2 ever!!! Shows you how good they are everywhere else!

Arkansas – Despite the loss, the Hogs move up after having the champs on the ropes. Question is can they keep up this level of play all year long.

Florida – Looks like the Gators may be getting in check just in time for Bama next weekend.

Auburn – Continue to find ways to win and continue to be dangerous on the Plains. Favorable home schedule makes them even more dangerous down the stretch.

South Carolina – Spurrier can only reminisce about the Fun ‘N Gun days.

Mississippi State – For the first time in years, could they legitimately begin a run of epic proportions? Well the Stallion won’t blow it out of context this weekend, but it was a step in the right direction. The 'Corn coming to town next week certainly helps.

Tennessee – This is a very generous ranking for the Vols, but by process of elimination you won it.

Kentucky – Must see the light despite the darkness of another ass kicking in the swamp.

Vanderbilt – Dare I say single digits are upon you in the Cream Rankings?

1) Georgia – You have been officially Mullened. Get your walking papers ready Richt. Goose egg and 3 is no way to keep the Athens faithful happy.

2) Ole Miss – Does anyone really care anymore? You still lost to Jacksonville State.

Hot Boudin – Auburn – They keep finding a ways to grind out victories and none have been bigger than the one over South Carolina this weekend.

Cold Couscous - Georgia – Not because you lost to Miss. State, but because you are showing total ineptness thus far. I don’t even think AJ Green will make much of a difference down the stretch for the Bulldogs.