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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    Good evening Sixpack!

    The Stallion spent his weekend at the Harvard of the South watching another re-run of Saved by the Bell….errrrrr…..the LSU vs. Mississippi State gridiron clash. The Stallion and his family thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow Tiger and Bulldog companions as he always does. The eating was delish with some Cajun pasta that contained pork and sausage and of course the usual special ingredients that our cook never reveals. And no, there were no corndogs at our tailgate.

    Although much of the Saturday afternoon was spent enjoying a few adult beverages and cuisine and visiting with the fans, the Stallion was able to catch glimpses of some other SEC action. The weekly cream rankings overall seem to have little movement at the top. But we all know that the crust is forming nicely thanks to Vandy pulling out the thumping stick in Oxford.

    The highlight of this week’s rankings won’t be in the introduction or the rankings, but in the Hot Boudin Award with an off-the-cuff recipient. So with further adieu, here are the rankings for Week 3 and the weekly awards.

    Alabama – Appeared to outscore Duke’s basketball team as well.

    2) South Carolina – There will be no Spaniard reference this week, because Furman is not what the people of Rome want to see the Gamecocks play.

    LSU – Could this be the year where the defense carries the Tigers to the promise land? Patrick Petersen is just sick

    Arkansas – Mallet and Co. is no doubt strong on offense but the real first test is this upcoming weekend against the Tide.

    Auburn – Keeps the ACC as a BCS doormat. However, Auburn is looking vulnerable.

    Florida – Struggled again on both sides of the ball, but they keep marching along towards the showdown with Bama and LSU.

    Kentucky – Quietly is winning and flying under the radar screen. In fact the Stallion knows very little about the Wildcats and will see if this ranking is worthy against the Gators next Saturday.

    Georgia – Will Richt get Mullened next weekend? An 0-3 SEC record to start 2010 won’t keep the doubters at bay.

    Mississippi State – May want to talk to Slive about mixing up the SEC schedule a little bit in order to keep hope alive.

    Tennessee – They are good for about 3 quarters right now.

    Vanderbilt – You did it…you brought LSU and Miss. State fans together in perfect harmony. The Stallion thought he was in a Coke commercial in Baton Rouge.

    Ole Miss – The crust has never looked better.

    Hot Boudin – For the first time in Cream Talk history, the Hot Boudin is awarded to current and former members of the Six Pack message board. The Stallion won’t even be able to do it justice. The General Heydog6 and four other members of his entourage with a combined weight of 1250 lbs (and I may be generous), managed to keep the Chimes in business through 2025 with their consumption of appetizers, beer and entrees over Friday afternoon, evening and Saturday afternoon. But the real story was how this large mass of humanity managed to waddle roughly 10-plus miles by foot from Tiger Stadium to the Holiday Inn Select falling in 3-foot deep pot holes, worried about chafing, pissing and crapping in residential yards and getting heckled by ecstatic Tiger fans (some surely to be employees at the local Circle K’s) on their journey back to the promise land. Keep in mind it was a hot humid evening in the bayou and the stinch on these men’s bodies were sure to override any smell coming from a paper mill. All this effort just because they couldn’t get back into the Chimes after the game and because a taxi wasn’t available for at least 2 hours. According to Heydog6, it was a night he will never ever forget.

    Cold Couscous goes both to Georgia and Ole Miss– The Stallion just gets tired of giving it to Oxford High all of the time. UGA worked its tail off to get back into the game only to forget that they still had 30 seconds to play. How about covering a pass against the Razorbacks potent offense attack at least one time during the day. I know that the real the cold couscous should go to Ole Miss…Houston, you are the problem.


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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    everyone on this board says "ah, we threw 4 ints".....what they dont realize, is , that TR and CR threw those ints due to the LSU pressure......its not like "ah, we don't make those bone head throws......"

    LSU caused those INTs, and they were on the OL back bc of.......

    we are not any better than vandy, or Miss.....

    UK is the surprise team...

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    I agree with the Stallion for the most part .We'll see how accurate he is in the next couple weeks when the big teams start to play each other. Only one disagreement....As much as I hate to say it Vandy has earned the right to be ranked higher than us, at least they got a conference win!

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    i am sure it is one for the ages.

    the rankings seem to be in fair order. i don't know if we are much better than TN but i am at least hoping you are absolutely dead on about OM and Vandy.

    and never lie again about the lack of corndogs at your tailgate. we won't believe you, ever.

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    if they can just protect the football on offense and increase their production a little they could have a very nice year.

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    when I was talking to him on the phone as they were making the trek.

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    on that point b/c of how bad our QB play has been. LSU still has to score TDs though.

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    1) LSU's defense is legit but they will need to improve on offense to make a serious run at the cream

    2) UK hasn't played anyone yet. Come see me next Sunday after UF game.

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    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!! Cream Talk by Stallion - Week 3

    I think there is a pretty big gap though between Bama and SC. If Bama wipes the floor with the Hogs this weekend, you should just rank Bama's crimson team #1 and their white team #2.

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