Top of the morning to the Pack:

Usually week 1 doesn’t have too much flux in it, because most of the SEC teams play nothing but patsies…except when you schedule the likes of the Jacksonville State Gamecocks of the world. Every team must ask themselves, how can you go out and schedule such a tough non-conference game to open the season like Jacksonville State? The Cocks’ track record speaks for itself. There is no way you should play a team with the caliber and firepower of a J’ville State. Are you kidding me? Not with the brutal SEC schedule that every team has to face. You go out and schedule a team like Jacksonville State…and to open the season with that powerhouse. The injuries that a team could face for the rest of the season when you face a juggernaut like Jacksonville State. The Stallion thinks he has made his point…Ole Miss is going to suck.

There were a lot of highly touted SEC teams this weekend that also didn’t fair too well on the gridiron. As the Stallion predicted on many fronts, Florida still has questions in the post-Tebow era. Jordan “Dyn-O-Mite” Jefferson is no better than he was in 2009. Auburn is severely overrated even though they had considerable more depth than Arky St.

And, the Stallion will eat crow this week for getting the Sixpack fans’ panties all ruffled up for predicting a No. 2 rating for his beloved Tiiigaaahhhs going into the season. The more the Stallion thinks about it, the more he realizes it’s not JJ’s fault. The Stallion just cannot stomach Les Miserable any longer. How can anyone expect to improve when you have the fourth Stooge coaching your team, and a complete imbecile as an offensive coordinator? Crowton, you cannot win when your offense is as complicated as astronomical physics, and your starting QB can’t pass a 4th grade literacy exam. You cannot look absolutely dominating in one half and get completely outcoached in the second half by a 2nd tier program like UNC. Something has to change…and it better be in a hurry!!!

Finally, the Stallion will give the Dawgs mad props!!! (Did the Stallion sound like Stuart Scott there? Booyea!) Although, it’s tough to say whether or not Memphis is any better than the Sisters of Mercy on the gridiron, it has been a long time since the Stallion has seen the “Mulldawgs” play with such confidence and swagger against a below average team and just absolutely take care of business. That’s a good sign of an improving program and the future looks bright for Starkville. If the Bullies can pull off a major upset against AuburnThursday night, the swagger will only grow and the trip to Baton Rouge in two weeks may make the Stallion’s mane rise a little.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are the Week 1 rankings.

Alabama – No Ingram. No problem. San Jose Gonzalez can now return back over the border.

Arkansas – No rhyme or reason to move Arky up for their performance against Tennessee Tech Institute for Lower Learning, but the teams ahead of them in the Cream showed some major question marks.

Florida – You may want to work on that shotgun thing in practice. Just a little tip from your Uncle Stallion.

LSU – A lot of firepower in the high-skilled positions, but if the Hatter and the rest of the coaching staff don’t get JJ and the secondary fixed, the only cream that we will see in Baton Rouge is in the back of Les Miles’ pants when he is fired.

South Carolina – The Spaniard looked very confident in his Thursday night lights performance. This could be the year Spurrier breaks through.

Georgia – Putting up huge numbers without AJ Green will build confidence for the Bulldogs.

Auburn – Stallion sees overrated written all over Auburn. A completely over matched Arky State team gives Cheezsticks a run for the money for nearly 3 quarters.

Mississippi State – From Maron to Maroon, the Dawgs are coming back! The two – QB tandem of Relf and Russell look to be formidable. Question is was the opponent formidable? Time will tell after Thursday.

Tennessee – Sixpackers, don’t underestimate young Double D as a coach.

Kentucky – Good win against the bitter rivals….makes for one helluva basketball matchup.

Jacksonville State – You’ve won the hearts of so many…plus your game made for some rather annoying calls from Dawgstudent asking me to give him a play by play when all I could hear were cowbells in the background.

Oly Moly – Are you kidding me? What an ending? Masoli or no Masoli – you embarrassed yourselves today Ole Miss.

Vanderbilt – You just keep on…keepin’ on. (if anyone has any info on this game to share, just keep it to yourself)

Hot Boudin – Jacksonville State – How does it feel to crack the Cream poll? Although you will not be in it next week, you won’t leave without a juicy long boudin to take with you. Great win for the program. You made Ryan Perriloux proud.

Cold Couscous – The Nutters. Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty, Who the hell are you, Flim Flam Bim Bam, Jacksonville State’s beeeotch by damn!!!