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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    I was gonna take a bye week myself, but this is too much for me not to spout off about. I debated main board or here, but decided it was too long a post for the MB.

    Here is the timeline as I understand it.

    1) Rogers contacts Bond after Egg Bowl with a price.

    2) Bond contacts
    Byrne immediately. (Before Cam signs anywhere)

    3) Byrne sends info to the SEC that is called " Limited information" by the SEC

    4) Byrne leaves in the spring

    5) The SEC says it received "specific information" in

    6) Bond interviewed by the NCAA within the last month.

    7) Story breaks yesterday

    Now, it seems to me that the info Byrne gave the conference, the SEC
    called bullshit on it. Limited info is bureau speak for , "we don't
    believe it."

    But all of a sudden in July the SEC says it got specific information. That is bureau speak for evidence.

    Of the parties concerned, this evidence came from one of five places,
    and the Newtons and Auburn are quickly eliminated. They didn't turn
    themselves in.

    That leaves State, Rogers, and someone unknown party that would benefit from this coming to light.

    State got called bullshit on when they first reported it. Did they find new evidence?

    Rogers could have turned after getting stiffed by the Newtons. He would damn sure have some evidence.

    The unknown party would have been digging for evidence. Looks like maybe they found it.

    State may possibly be involved only to the extent of making that first report.

    Who knows?

    But I will say this.... some reporter from the NYT's or ESPN didn't just decide to call John Bond out of the blue.

    Somebody leaked the info.

    I really don't think it was Bond because he has nothing to gain by coming forward. In fact he's smart enough to know how big this is going to be. He also knows that he will be hounded for it. I don't see Bond bringing that down on himself for the fun of it.

    These reporters had their story and contacted Bond for a quote which he released thru an attorney.

    That means he held them off for awhile while crafting a carefully worded statement.

    Who would stand the most to gain from this coming out now? Do the math.

    No matter how it broke, is anyone really surprised that there were shenanigans related to the way Newton ended up at Auburn?

    In the words of Flounder...." Oh Boy this is gonna be great!"

    Yes, it should be fun to watch how it all "plays" out.

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    Bond was contacted in the first place. Was it because he knew this Rogers guy or was it because somebody thought he would help broker the deal? Sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere.

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    Rogers and Bond played together at State

    My opinion........

    The story was leaked to reporters. Bond's name came up, and they called him for his side. He tells them hang on a few days, hires a lawyer, then releases a statement crafted with the lawyers help.

    I don't believe Bond went public. I believe the story led to him and he responded.

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    is there supposed to be something else there?

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    First thing I saw.

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    I know I might get kicked in the teeth for saying this, but this is why I think Rogers contacted Bond. Totally a hunch, so smash it to bits if you think I'm wrong.

    I'm assuming, and I don't think I'm alone here, that Rogers is a day-old piece of shit. Rogers is a former MSU player and Bond teammate, and probably thought he could be the hero to his school and get a nice commission out of it if he brokered the sale. So why does he contact Bond? Because Rogers probably remembered that Bond had a significant rough patch a while back in his own life, and this would be the guy to go through for some dirty dealings. What Rogers didn't know or count on is that a) Bond has long since gotten his life together, is a stand-up guyand is doing well, and b) loves MSU and would never endanger it's well-being.

    So while Rogers thought he was going to the right guy, indeed he was going to the exact wrong one (from Rogers' perspective of course).

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    I have no idea why he called Bond. Just when he called.

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    I'm trying to piece the timeline together from the Newton's perspective.

    1) September 2009 - Cecil Newton gets a 6-month extension to renovate his church. This gives him until March to get the money. His son is being recruited by several schools, but mainly Mississippi State which is seen to be the favorite. Cam sees that his father is in a bit of trouble and wants to help him out any way he can. Cam will not be the one to get the money, but implicitly knows that if his father tells him to go somewhere else, it's because he has the money.

    2) September to November 2009 - Cameron Newton demolishes the competition in Juco ball. Cecil Newton is waiting for some kind of monetary offer to come from Mississippi State boosters.

    3) November 28, 2009 - Cam makes his official visit to State and is ringing the cowbell. Cecil is a bit dismayed that no offer has been made by State. With NSD about 2 months away and his deadline to get his church renovation underway a little over 3 months away, he decides to get an agent. The agent will first make an offer to State since it will not look unusual if State ends up with Newton. State not only doesn't bite, but turns in the Newtons.

    4) December 2009 - Cecil has to have the money, so his agent puts out more feelers and at least gets a bite from Auburn. With State all but publicly out of the picture, Cam Newton makes visits to Oklahoma and Auburn. It is not known if Oklahoma made an offer or if it was a poor attempt at a red herring to make it seem that Newton was genuinely interested in other schools as a singular visit to Auburn would have aroused more suspicion. During his Auburn visit, he has a sit down with Trooper Taylor and is ensured that everything will be all right.

    5) December 31, 2009 - The money is in and Cam Newton commits to Auburn.

    Possible additions: Oklahoma money, the Tennessee talk in May 2009, other schools?

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    Thanks vandal. I guess that was my assumption too, but I didn't know that JB had straightend up. My most recent memory of him was getting wasted at Flo's and hitting on college chicks (he may still hit on college chicks, I dunno). Anyway, glad he is back on the track and looks as if doing the right thing for MSU.

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    Mule Story Timeline Sheds Some Light

    that Meyer told the NY Times reporter to contact Bond. Best I can figure is that the reporter didn't have all the info, contacted Meyer and he said Bond for the whole story.

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