Two Daves Pick The SEC

November 6, 2010

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Occasionally something happens that puts football in perspective for everyone. The tragic loss of Mississippi State defensive end Nick Bell reminds us that football is indeed only a game. Nick was State’s starting defensive end six weeks ago against Georgia. Two weeks ago, Nick joined his team on the sideline recovering from brain surgery to remove what turned out to be a malignant tumor. Tomorrow, Nick will be laid to rest. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the Bell family.

Cecil Newton didn’t want to his son to be a rented mule, that is why, he claims, he sent his son to Auburn instead of Mississippi State. If reports are true, it appears that Auburn did not rent, but bought the mule for roughly $200,000. Auburn may pay a much steeper price if all of this pay to play talk is true.

Doug says:

The soap opera that is the SEC has now gone viral with the Cam Newton saga taking front and center stage. If the allegations are even remotely true, Newton will still go on to make millions in the NFL, daddy Newton will have the last laugh, and Auburn will go to jail. And I’m not talking about white collar, resort prison. I’m talking about federal, pound me in the, well, you know, prison. It is interesting that representatives from Mississippi State went public with this, because it’s always a good policy in the SEC to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I hope for Dan Mullen’s sake that there’s no skeletons in his closet.

On a sad note, the entire SEC grieves this week with Mississippi State over the loss of sophomore defensive end Nick Bell. Just a few weeks ago, he was helping his team whip Georgia. Then, suddenly, cancer was discovered and struck him down. What a tragedy for this young man’s family. Godspeed, Nick Bell.

Florida at Vanderbilt


How did Ole Miss lose to Vanderbilt? Are the Bears really that bad? Florida jumped out to a big lead over Jawga, then saw the Dawgs fight back to take it to overtime. Chaz Henry made the most of his goat to hero opportunity and nailed a field goal to secure the win for the Gators. I’m sure the Georgia coach signaling choke numerous times was just clearing his throat right before the field goal try.

Chomp Chomp 34 – We own the bears 13


Vanderbilt is the medicine that cures Florida’s ills right now, and the Gators could use it. They hung on to beat Georgia last week, but that one looked more like a pillow fight. Vanderbilt is fading into oblivion (or Bolivia, if you’re Mike Tyson), and they’re just hanging on for the end of the season.

Gators 31

Easy 7

Alabama at LSU


The marquee game of the week – two top 10 SEC teams duke it out in Red Stick with huge implications. If Alabama wins, they stand a great chance to play for the BCS Title if they can get past the best paid mule, er, quarterback in the SEC. While Alabama should be running the ball down opponents throats, for some reason, they are not effectively doing this as they did last year. LSU had a dominant running defense until the mule and company gashed them. Patrick Peterson vs. Julio Jones will be an interesting matchup. Bama’s fourth string QB is better than any QB that LSU has on their roster right now, and that is the difference in this one. Well, that plus the tide don’t lose in Baton Rouge.

Bammey 24 – ELLESSYOO 20


Easily the game of the day. Alabama has curiously struggled to run the ball recently, so they’re relied more on Greg McElroy and Julio Jones. There are worse strategies to pursue, to be sure, but it’s not Alabama football. LSU’s defense is stout enough to prolong Bama’s running struggles and pressure McElroy. Offensively, I don’t expect much out of LSU in this one, so this one should be a low scoring slobber-knocker. The only reason this one isn’t flip-a-coin close, is because when you compare Nick Saban to Les Miles, that’s not a fair fight.

Rolling Tide 17

Coonassses 14

Idaho State at Georgia


Jawga, left for dead a few weeks ago, is inching closer and closer to bowl eligibility, provided they don’t choke. Ahem.

Jawga 42 – Paycheck 10


Hey Dawgs, you ain’t quite as back as you thought you were. You had a chance to make a statement last week, and it didn’t happen. That’s okay, because you get your late-season breather this week. Try to enjoy this victory instead of crying in your beer about what could have been this year.

Dawgs 41

Roadkill 14

Louisiana-Lafayette at Mississippi


The Bears should dominate this game. Of course, they should have annihilated Jacksonville State too. If they had a defense, they would be a lot better off right now. Tyrone Nix will likely be looking for a job after Thanksgiving.

Bears 34 – EWE LA LA 17


I would love to say that this is an easy win for the Rebs, but I made that mistake before the Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt games, too. The Bears occasionally look competitive, and they have a perfectly acceptable offense. Their defense is the problem. It shouldn’t be a problem this week.

Bears 48

Junior Coonasses 21

Charleston Southern at Kentucky


Another SEC team makes a step towards bowl eligibility. After a tough loss in Starkville, Joker and the Cats return home for what should be an easy game. Randall Cobb should feast upon Charleston Southern. Then again, he feasted in Starkville but the Cats lost. Never mind.

UK 38 – CS 10


It’s breather week for the Wildcats, too. The million dollar question for me is what kind of crowd is going to be there to support the Cats. They’re coming off a loss to Mississippi State and struggling to get to bowl eligibility. They’ll get a win closer here.

Mildcats 44

Roadkill 7

Arkansas at South Carolina


The injury bug continues to plague the Pigz. Ryan Mallett has had various health issues this fall, and now Greg Childs is out for the year with an ACL. I do not think the Pigz have a plug and play receiver to fill that massive void with Childs out.

I do know Ellis Johnson will have his defense ready for the assault, he’s one of the best defensive coordinators in the nation. If the AKC could keep the offense consistently rolling, the chikinz would have much higher goals than Atlanta. I’ll probably regret this pick.

AKC 24 – WHOOOOOOps 21


There are a lot of crappy games on the agenda this week, but there are two really good ones, and this is one of them. This is an opportunity for the AKC to prove themselves and stake their claim to the SEC East title. Historically, however, they seem to fade down the stretch. I really want the AKC to step up and take charge in the East, because it will be a good story for the Ol Ball Coach to go back to Atlanta. Unfortunately, I don’t think his team can score with Arkansas.

Hogs 38

AKC 28

Chattanooga at Auburn


Cam “innocent until proven guilty” Newton will continue his assault on the record books and his march towards the Heisman Trophy. Enjoy the ride Aubie, I smell death in the air and I know it won’t be long……..

Auburn 44 – Chattanooga 13


Maybe Auburn should bench Cam Newton this week. Then, they can get a win that they won’t have to forfeit at the end of the year. Enjoy the season, Auburn fans. I hope you win out, beat Bama, go to the national championship game, and throttle Oregon. Then, when it all gets stripped from you, your tears will be even sweeter. And don’t misunderstand, Auburn is one of my favorite schools in the conference and I like to see their team do well. Unfortunately, this will be a huge black eye for the conference, so the Tigers will deserve everything they get.

Calm Before The Storm 41

Roadkill 3

Tennessee at Memphis


If there is one team in Tennessee that is worse than the Vols, its Larry Porter’s Tigers. This game features UGLY on both sides. The Vols freshman QB Taylor Bray impressed enough to bump Baby Jesus, excuse me, Phil Simms son out of the way for the starting job. Memphis is just the medicine the vols need to head in the right direction.

Rocky Top 34 – da’ hood 17


Tennessee is a bad football team this year. Fortunately for them, Memphis might be the worst team in the entire country. I mean, UAB took Tennessee to OT, and Memphis may be using that as motivation, but let’s face facts: UAB would beat Memphis 40-0. If UT doesn’t score 45 in this game, it will be a major upset.

Rocky Top 50

Tiger High 7