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    Bama Week And A Granted Request

    I'm back from my off week and I hope the Dawgs are too. A couple of years ago I posted on my old blog ,during Bama week, about an adventure I had at "The Club" one time.

    I've had a couple of emails requesting I run it again, so here goes...........................


    Seeing as how it is Bama week, my thoughts are drawn back to all things Bammer.

    When I was at State there was a magical place called "The Club" over in Lowndes County.

    regulars of this quaint pub consisted of frustrated bull dykes hanging
    with their straight roommates from the W, hard legs from State , a good
    assortment of brain dead rednecks, and 85% of the fraternities and
    sororities from Tusk-er-Looser. (The Bammers came,I'm told, because it
    was easier for the under 21s to drink in Mississippi.)

    If you couldn't get laid there, well, you couldn't get laid with $200 in a Juarez whorehouse.

    Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.

    friend of mine from those days emailed me and suggested I put the story
    up on this blog of a night we shared together at The Club. He thinks
    that night was one of the funniest things he ever saw.

    He thinks it's funny because it happened to me. He also got laid because of it.

    I have told this story before over on the Pack, so if you have heard it, well, go do something else.
    If not, here goes.

    I said, it was easy to get laid at The Club, but you had to follow a
    certain mating ritual, as such...... follow closely..........

    Blonde With Big Hair :"You go to Stayyy-te?

    Saddawg :"Yeah,do you?"

    Blonde With Big Hair : "No, I go to Al-er-bammer. I'm a (insert sorority)."

    Saddawg: "Wanna beer?"

    Blonde With Big Hair : "Yay-ess".

    you negotiated that mine field, you were on your way. I had
    successfully got thru the mine field and was on Easy Street, or so I

    But the night got a little tougher.

    As me andBlonde With Big Hair are repairing to the parking lot to study anatomy in the backseat of a car (pickup bed would do in a pinch), Big Bama Redneck,who was big enough, but not quite fast enough to play Line Backer at Bama, (making him pissed at the world), takes offense to me leaving with the girl he has been stalking for half a semester.

    manifests his displeasure by following us outside and banging my head
    off the wall, a few bumpers, and kicks me in the ass for good measure.

    Luckily for me, three, either CPD officers, LCSO Deputies,or a mixture of the two, tackle Big Bama Redneck.

    Blonde With Big Hair screams and cries a lot.

    Big Bama Redneck
    becomes a guest of the county for the night.

    My "friend" cleans me up best he can and throws my whipped ass in the car.

    Blonde With Big Hair feels so bad about the incident, that she rides with me back to Starkvegas and makes her friends follow.

    back home I got sympathy poon tang from
    Blonde With Big Hair, and the "friend" that thought
    this so funny, strikes it lucky and takes advantage of
    Bored and Drunk Bammer Girl ,who got sick of waiting on her friend, The Blonde With Big Hair.

    Thank God it was rarely that hard.

    I feel so sorry for today's students at State. They have no first class establishments like The Club to go to.

    quaint atmosphere and intimate conversation and a sophisticated
    clientele, The Club was second only to Mack's Supper Club. (moment of
    silence, please).

    The late 80's were a glorious time to be young, dumb and full of cum.

    And to have had The Club.

    I'll do a prediction and an "In Honor Of" post later on in the week. And some more Mule thoughts.

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    Bama Week And A Granted Request

    I started dating this chick from Millsaps "exclusively" back in the day...or so she thought. I didn't let my having a "girlfriend" get in the way of my regular Thursday night ladies night at The Club. One such night I hooked up with this little rocket that lived at College Station. We drank, danced, talked...drank. Had a big time. Even got our picture taken by the hippychick that wandered around with a camera and took the party pics that were in constant rotation as a huge slide show on the wall of The Club. Completely forgot about that night. Literally MONTHS later my "girlfriend" came up from Jackson and wanted to go out partying. So she decided she wanted to go to The Club to see where I "used" to spend so much time. We went, walked in, grabbed a cold beer and had no more turned around and there I was. A big ass picture of me and that little trick I hooked up with that night, sitting in my lap. Beers in hand. Grinning like idiots. I am sure I tried to spin it. I am also pretty sure I failed. I might have made it had that damn slide show not kept showing that picture of me over and over again every 10 minutes. We left early. Don't think that was one of my better weekends. But hey, Thursday came around right on time that next week. God bless The Club.

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    Bama Week And A Granted Request

    Remember Doug's?

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    Bama Week And A Granted Request

    that I have heard a discussion about Mac's Supper Club. Damn that place was fun.

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    Bama Week And A Granted Request

    Mack is still alive? Still kicking and singing. He even has a Facebook page.

    Click Here To Be Friends With Mack Banks

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