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    Wild And Wacky Shit

    I'm just observing now. I was gonna write about it but it's moving to fast. I'm just along for the ride on the Mule Train now.

    But hey, it helps pass the day for someone like me who doesn't really have shit else to do.

    I'm flying into Bammer tomorrow. I expect to be feted and greeted as a hero since, just by my association with dear old State, I have helped vanquish the hated Tiger, War Eagle, Plainsman, unwashed horde.

    I just hope I don't run into the Bama Blond With Big Hair from the Club that night.

    Prediction? I'm not feeling good. To many distractions and a pissed off wounded team from Bama.

    I say Tide 31- Dawgs 10

    Bama's D is just gonna be too good against our offense.

    Anyway here's a little in honor of our hosts...........................

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    Wild And Wacky Shit

    Also, who is that girl with the Alabama bikini bottom on leaning next to a barn door. Holy crap she's hot!

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    Wild And Wacky Shit

    I did hit it pretty close.

    As for the girl, she ain't one of mine so I have no idea.

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