Two Daves Pick The SEC

November 13, 2010

Welcome to Two Daves Pick The SEC! What a week in the wild west. The internet has enabled complete idiots to start viral rumors, true or not. My favorite was a letter allegedly from the NCAA saying that the NCAA doesn’t normally step in midseason, but due to the major violations with Cam Newton, they are stepping in . The best part was the letter being signed by NCAA President Myles Brand. The only problem with this is that Brand died in September of 2009.

As the Camshaft turns continues to produce crazy new things every day. It is becoming clear that Cecil Newton was out pimping his son for cash to play football at Mississippi State. I’m sure that this story will continue to drag out for the next several weeks. My advice? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, except for the Two Daves, we’re dead on.

Doug says:

Did you know we’ve actually gotten some hate mail from Auburn fans? Why the consternation? Why have a beef with us? Did we get $180K? Did we tape phone conversations with shady agents? Did we buy tests off the internet? If this happened with an Alabama or LSU player, you’d all be laughing and patting us on the back. You know, like Alabama and LSU fans are doing right now.

I get the anger and disappointment. Cam Newton is a great story and a fantastic football player. Auburn is in position to play for the national championship, just one year after their chief arch rival played for one. I just think the anger and disappointment is severely misdirected. For example, why be mad at Mississippi State and Dan Mullen? They did what is dictated to them by SEC rule. Why be mad at Urban Meyer? There’s no evidence that he leaked Newton’s student records. Why be mad at us? We poke fun at everyone. Be mad at Cecil Newton. Be mad at your boosters. Be mad at your coaches, if any of them were involved. Or better yet, don’t be mad at anyone, and just hope and pray that there’s nothing at all to this. If that turns out to be the case, then you can enjoy watching us eat our crow. Deep down, though, you know this isn’t going to end well, and if it doesn’t, that’s nobody’s fault but Auburn’s.

Mississippi at Tennessee

Dave says:

Memphis has to be the most hideous team in the history of Division IA football. Being skulldrug by a pathetic Tennessee team says all I need to hear. The Vols do have a glimmer of hope in frosh QB Tylor Bray, who has been the best looking QB at Tennessee in years. Then we have Ole Miss, who bear-ly managed to get by U La La. The Bears can get some offense going thanks to RB Brandon Bolden. QB Jeremiah Masoli might not get to play this weekend because of a concussion. Houston Nutt is all about helping people, so he’s going to help Masoli onto the field regardless of what the trainers say. Flip a coin on this one.

Tennessee 31 – Mississippi 27

Doug says:

Vol fans, don’t get too excited about that stirring 50 point outburst against Tiger High. Also, don’t get too excited about Jeremiah Masoli’s concussion last week. Masoli will play, and Ole Miss will score points on you in abundance this weekend. The good news is that you should score plenty of points too, since the Bear defense is porous. The Bears are probably glad to be playing this one on the road, because they might actually get to play in front of a decent crowd. What an embarrassing effort by their fans last week! But, I digress. My brain is really telling me to take the home team in this one, but my gut is pushing me toward the Rebs.

We Just Got A Mascot 31

We Don’t Have A Clue 30

Vanderbilt at Kentucky

Dave says:

Kentucky is one win away from bowl eligibility. Fret not Wildcat fans, that win will come tomorrow. Vanderbilt has a laundry list of injured players and have basically mailed it in for the rest of this season. Randall Cobb will probably set some kind of record this weekend.

Kentucky 42 – Vanderbilt 13

Doug says:

Kentucky is trying to get bowl eligible and they should do it this week. Vanderbilt took bad to a whole new level last week, so I don’t expect them to be competitive with anyone down the stretch. Kentucky is doing a good job of building a schedule to guarantee them six wins every year. With Tennessee down so much, they may get to seven this year. They can afford to look ahead a little bit because Vandy is no threat.

Mildcats 42

Easy 14

Georgia at Auburn

Dave says:

Cam Newton has been suspended. You just read this on the internet, so it must be true. Much like Brett Favre, I won’t believe Newton is not playing until I see it. There is no way you sit your rented mule (Hey to Cecil!) when he is over half of your offense. Enter Jawga, who has improved significantly in the last month. UGA’s problem is that they still don’t have a great defense, which is required against Auburn. Even then, it doesn’t guarantee a win, Auburn shredded LSU’s top 10 defense. As long as Cam is playing, Auburn wins.

Auburn 34 – Jawga 24

Doug says:

This game has been overshadowed by the daily installments of As The Cam Turns this week, and it’s a shame, because this has a chance to be a good football game. Georgia’s offense is coming into its own, while Auburn’s offense is an unwieldy beast. Cam Newton has been pretty much unstoppable of late, and I don’t think Georgia has anyone on the defensive side of the ball that will change that. The only thing that could stop Newton in this one is a suspension, but I don’t think we’re there yet. As long as #2 is taking snaps, I’m going to continue to be bullish on the War Tigers.

War Tigers 31

Hairy Dawgs 21.

UTEP at Arkansas

Dave says:

The Pigz scrimmage this weekend in preparation for Mississippi State, as that game may decide who goes to the cotton bowl. Arkansas will have their way with UTEP.

Pigz 44 – UTEP 13

Doug says:

The Miners are a fairly decent C-USA team. All this means is that they should be able to keep it within 40. Arkansas will score early and often, as they tune up for a meaningful matchup with Mississippi State next week.

Hogs 38

Hog Tied 10

Louisiana Monroe at LSU

Dave says:

Another yawner, right? Not exactly. LSU seems to let teams they should destroy hang around. I don’t know if Lester fails to eat grass against non-conference opponents or what. Jarrett Lee made a couple of big plays that led LSU to a huge win over Alabama. There is talk on message boards that LSU could play in Atlanta if this Cam Newton stuff blows up. File that in the believe it when I see it category.

ELLESSYOO 30 – Directional Louisiana 10

Doug says:

Yawn. LSU almost never beats teams like this the way they should, but that doesn’t matter to Lester. Quietly, he has his team positioned to be in the BCS discussion, which is amazing, given their lack of offense thus far. They have Arkansas down the road, but they get this week and a matchup with Ole Miss to fine tune some things and get their offense some confidence. Lester won’t have to eat too much grass this week.

Coonasses 34

Roadkill 14

Mississippi State at Alabama

Dave says:

After two long and painful weeks, the Bulldogs get to play football again. It was bad enough they had to bury teammate Nick Bell, who tragically lost a brief battle with cancer. Throw in the Cam Newton soap opera and these guys probably cannot wait to get on the field and take it out one someone. Alabama saw dreams of a second SEC title go poof as Lester ate grass and beat Nick. Alabama is coming off a physical loss to LSU and may be without Trent Richardson. This game will come down to Greg McElroy and Julio Jones. If these guys have a good game, Bama wins. If not, State wins. If State can control the ball and grind it out, they may win anyway. This one will be much closer than people think.

Alabama 24 – State 23

Doug says:

I’ve heard all of the rationalizations: State is a tough out, a two-loss Bama team has nothing left to play for, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is that Alabama is just plain better than Mississippi State, and that will show on Saturday. State will keep it respectable; it may even go down to the wire, but at the end of the day, I see Bama doing what they need to do here. Besides, can you see Nick Saban losing three conference games? I didn’t think so. If Mullen sticks around and continues to recruit well, this game will start to mean a lot more to both teams very soon.

Crimson 21

Maroon 14

South Carolina at Florida

Dave says:

Dear Visor Boy, I’ve really wanted to believe in you this year, but once again, your team has choked in the biggest possible way. I believe that you will lose out for the rest of the season, much like your entire tenure at USC. Florida seems to have gotten back on track. A win here pretty much seals up the SEC East race.

Florida 31 – USC 17

Doug says:

I’m done with Carolina. Same crap, different year. They’re limping to the finish, just like they seem to do every year. Florida seems to have righted the ship and are in position to win the SEC East with a victory in this one. That speaks volumes about how bad that division is, but it also means that Florida has a renewed interest and something to play for. They’ve got Chris Rainey back and playing well, and they should get Jeff Demps back this week, too.

Gators 24

Cackolackey 21