Saddawg 1 is getting a workout here lately. A jaunt up to Bama, (every time I see that cemetery by the stadium before a game I get a bad feeling of what is about to happen) and back home that night.

Heading out again tonight for good ol' Mississippi. Got shit to take care of.

Be in the Vegas Fri. so I have to predict, honor our visitors, and anything else in this post.

A prediction.......

We will play better than we did last week. It may not be good enough, though.

Arkansas will score, so can we score with them? Like Bama, it comes down to playmakers. We still just don't have them on O.

State's best bet is the tried and true formula..... hold the ball. Limit Arkansas possessions. Like old Jackie Wayne used to say, keep it physical, don't try to get in a track meet with them.

We keep it close but lose out 28- 17.

A little In Honor Of Our Visitors..............

A good article on Mullen and Darius

Well, I gotta get packing. Take off time approaches.

Only bad thing about winning in football is the frequent flying time. It kinda sux, but I have a decent flight crew.

I think I'll manage it okay.