The week I love to hate, and hate to love.

Let the shit begin, where sane people lose their minds. We've already got Hooten "People Heppin'" Nutt getting somebody to dress in maroon and run thru his practice ringing a cowbell.

Only a retard would fall for that. Oh wait, Powe IS on that team, never mind.

Has it just been a year since the glory of Crunchy Mike?

Click here to see the infamous video(warning ..strong language)

I won't be traveling up to the Land That Forgot Time. I have no desire to enter the grounds of that Culture of Corruption.

Wonder who has Lanston's and Scrugg's sky boxes on the 50 yard line now?

Fake tits, fake grass, and fake people.

Fake them.

I shall watch the game in solitude at a lodge where I will meet the family for Thanksgiving. They will leave Friday, thank God, but I'm staying until Sunday.

I would rather watch the game alone, so I can be as psycho as I want to be.

I leave tomorrow, so I will try to get up a prediction and some "In Honor Of" before I go.

Yo Crunchy Mike, take me out of here.