My grandmother said one time they ought to rename the Egg Bowl the "Cussing Bowl"

After a game years ago she said she had never heard so much "Helling and Damning" in her life.

From Hotty Toddy to Go To Hell Ole Miss to just general damn cussing the play on the field, the air can get kinda blue when the Egg Bowl is played.

I have even heard my granddad, who wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful, cuss his ass off during this game.

Because damn it to hell, this damn game means something. What, I don't know, but it must to stir the emotions that it does.

Having really no reason too other than indoctrination and genetics, I hate that place and it's damn sorry ass people. Hate 'em to hell. Hope the whole damn place burns like hell.

Where does this come from? "Ole Miss" itself never really did anything to me. I used to, and still would given the chance, have sexual relations with quite a few damn Ole Miss girls. Some were tee total hell-cats in the sack.

I even had some damn buddies who choose to go to the hell that is that sissy ass school.

Damn, this game drives me nuts. It is hell. Another reason I won't be traveling up to hell on earth to watch the damn game. It screws up my damn head and makes my personality become like the poor souls trying to get into hell.

Damn strange as hell indeed.

Damn it to hell, here's my prediction...................

I say State wins the damn game just because they are better. I won't say should win because, hell, the team that should win the damn doesn't always do it.

That damn Masoli scares me. We gotta knock hell out of him early and often. Make him want to get it over with so he can hurry his ass up and get on that damn plane back the hell to California.

Masoli was brought in to wins them a couple more damn games than they should have. Hell, they've lost a couple more than they should have. But to my damn vain way of thinking , this is the game he was really brought in to win. Because Houston Nutt knows he can't live with the hell of losing this one.

Masoli is the key. A big game for him Saturday and we will all be some sad damn Dawgs, in the particular hell that is the losers fate of the damn Egg Bowl.

It's damn Manny Diaz vs damn Houston Nutt.

No way in hell can I even get a feel for a damn score so here's one out of the blue.......

State 27- OM 24

The lower the damn score, the better I will feel. A high scoring game equals Bulldog hell, I'm afraid.

The Egg Bowl. It's a hell of a damn game, ain't it?

A little In Honor of Our Hosts....................