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    Egg Bowl And Season Re-Cap

    Once again I keep my Egg Bowl prediction percentage way up. Said we should win because we were better. Missed Ole Miss's score by 1 and State's by 4. I said 3 point game and it was 8.

    It really shouldn't have been. If Broomfield makes the easy pick in the 4th or Wright earlier, this one would be what it should have been, a blowout.

    But I'll take it all day and twice on Sunday. Just a 1 point win over them is as good as a 100.

    Just win it baby.

    Notice Mullen said in the locker room after the game that "we" are never gonna lose this game.

    Now, we all know that's heat of the moment smack talk. Of course "we" will lose this game again sometime.

    Only scary thing is Mullen could be right. If by "we" he means himself, Diaz, Balis, and Hevesey.

    If they leave before the next one, he is right.

    However, I don't see it happening. Not this year anyway. Although I do see folks making a run at Diaz. He'll be a lot tougher to keep.

    As for the season I said 6-6. I had us losing to Fla. and Georgia or Ole Miss. I figured we would lose 2 of those 3.

    This team did a pretty damn good job this year. Bama and LSU were the only two teams to flat out beat us, and we gave LSU a lot of help really.

    We had a chance to win/tie at the end of the Mule Game, and played Arktoothless to overtime.

    That's a 0-4 record against teams that went a combined 41- 7. No shame in that.

    Also a friend of mine sent me an e-mail pointing out that we went 8-4 in a year when Bama, AU, LSU ,and Ark were very good. Rarely does that happen.

    I'll catch flack for this, but in the past State and Ole Miss win 8 or more games when those teams are down or mediocre.

    Bottom line we won every game we should have won. In hindsight, we were a better team than Fla. and Ga. this year. We should have, and did, win those games.

    Mullen, staff ,and team did a hell of a job this year. Flip those Ark. and AU scores and the bowl season, not to mention the BCS, would be a sight to see right now.

    Bottom line, (and as most of you know there is no more realistic State fan than me,) Mullen is doing all I will ever ask of a coach in football at State............ he's taking our asses to a bowl game.

    Never will I be unsatisfied with that.

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    Egg Bowl And Season Re-Cap

    was Mullen's stupid decision to kick the 47-yard FG. Every State fan in the stadium knew DePasquale couldn't kick it that far and was begging Mullen to go. Instead, he kicks, we miss, and you could feel the momentum turn. We had been running the ball down their throats and we don't have a reliable kicking game. GO FOR IT! If we couldn't get a yard against a worn down Black Bear D, we didn't deserve it. But at least try to get your FG in a better position. Hell, I think we get the TD if we get the first down there. Plus, I hated the play calling after we got up 31-9. We took our foot off the gas. Stopped getting the ball to Perk in space, stopped taking deep shots. Can't do that against good teams.

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    Egg Bowl And Season Re-Cap

    I wanted him to go for it, too. I thought he had a better chance of getting a yard than making that kick.

    But I can't bitch too much because he had made all the right decisions to have us way ahead at that point.

    I still think if Relf doesn't fumble down on their end, or Broomfield makes that pick, we win by more than 21.

    Hey, like I said, I really don't give a shit now. As someone who LOVES to bitch, I just can't now.

    We won and now we are bowling. Even I can't bitch about that.

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